Brokeback Desert

I found this article by Brian Whitaker very interesting. Also, his commentary, Brokeback Desert, is followed by an even more interesting discussion of ME sexuality in its current state. I think it would be interesting to see a remake of this movie slightly changing script into a story about two gay bedouin and their love for each other. Why not tie T.E. Lawrence in there somehow, too? And some scenes of trains with Turkish female passengers on board being blown up by a character that could be given the name ‘Osama’, this time around.

Remember when terrorism against the Turkish civilians was in Big with Hollywood? Fact is, the movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ had no women with speaking roles in it at all! So it was kind of a Brokeback British Army flick, of sorts, produced by Sam Spiegel, a very zealous Zionist. And Anglo Americans in the audiences were cheering on terrorist Arabs and terrorist Brits working together to blow up all things Turkish!

Of course, those evil Turks needed to get a little blown up by our Anglo Saxon heros. the Brits. Turks were the Hollywood Muslim savages back then, and not so much the Brit allied Arabs. So it was Arabs working with Anglos that was then in vogue, instead of Black Americans working with Redneck White guys against the baddies. Go figure? but it was a different era then. Peter O’Toole with his bright blue eyes sparkled as the rather effiminate Brit who loved Arabs… uh… men.

Actually, this was my favorite movie when I was a young adolescent. That, and A Thousand Clowns and Marat Sade. Must have watched Lawrence of Arabia more times than my kid has watched Lion King, even. Would watch it again in remake, too, if they would just fuse that Brokeback angle into the new script. We got to keep up with the times now. Brokeback Desert meets Lawrence of Arabia! A remake I’d love to see.

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