Resolve for justice and peace in 2007

Peace sign Christmans wreaths prevailI’d like to see 2007 bring renewed optimism for being able to fight injustice around the world. We’re seeing unprecedented rebellions on every continent, citizen’s efforts to reform the traditional mechanisms of inequality and oppression. People are protesting rigged elections, usurious banking systems, phony environmental policies, authoritarianism and outright military aggression. People are laying their lives on the line for what they believe. I’d like the people of Colorado Springs to awaken to such a call.

Colorado Springs sits in the belly of the military industrial beast. While our neighbors may cheer militarism, a rising number have also been coming to see the effects of US corporate policies in a different light. We resist our nation’s bellicosity and refuse to allow its actions being done in our name.

We face an uphill battle against a fascist media and an undereducated populace, but it would be a far cry to conclude that we will not prevail. We will prevail because we must. There is no brotherhood of man without equality and mutual respect. There is no humanity without offering our most to those in need. A life lived upon the backs of others is not worth living. Pursuit of happiness without concern for the suffering of others leads us nowhere.

If we can lead by example our efforts will have already prevailed.

1 thought on “Resolve for justice and peace in 2007

  1. You of course are correct in your call for activism, but I would say our populace is dispirited, beaten down by depressing economic circumstances for some, the unwarrented illusion of expectation of privilage and goods for others and a government intent on ruling us rather than serving us. ‘We the people’ are tired. Tired of liars, cheaters and the bad guys coming out on top. It is no wonder ‘we the people’ do not educate ourselves more on the issues. Our fellow citizens are bombarded with the wrongs of the world. They are demoralized and are withdrawing into themselves thinking defensively of “me and mine”. After the election, there was evidence of the flickering of the flame of hope for change. Hope that needs to be feed gently like kindling a fire. Justice and doing right because it is right needs to be celebrated and acknowledged to encourage the continuity of that behavior and hopefully thereby righting the wrongs of the world. Just my thoughts …

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