Illegal immigrant abuse

Low wage construction workforce
If you absolutely must excercise your racist compulsions, here’s how you can do it and do your part to combat the illegal immigrant problem in your neighborhood. When you see hispanic workers, report them!
More specifically, if you see what look to be underpaid laborers where you might expect to see hardhat union workers, report what you’ve seen to your state labor board, or local union. Tell them the contractor or subcontractor name you see printed on the side of the truck. That’s who’s breaking the law.

It’s true that your domestic variety Americans are not queuing up for migrant worker jobs like picking produce. Those jobs do not pay very much, and possibly cannot pay very much. Needless to say, you never run across those workers anyway. Like sweatshop seamstresses, migrant workers labor in inhospitable environments far from Caucasian American consciences.

What you do see, at construction sites across from where you live, or in cleaning crews where you shop late at night, are hispanic workers who are doing jobs that could just as willingly be performed by non-hispanics. If white folks like you are hurting for jobs, this is where the so-called illegal alien problem is hurting you.

First off, there is nothing wrong with hispanic peoples working good jobs, and the non-white person you spy may be a perfectly documented American citizen like you. But if they are being paid below-standard wages, then that is against the law, regardless of whether the workers are undocumented.

If you report them, and the workers turn out to be illegal immigrants, then they will get in trouble and the asshole racist in you will get your little thrill. But more importantly their employer will get in deep trouble and that is critical.

In businesses like construction and cleaning, the contractor is charging relatively the same amount to contract the job as his competitors. Have you ever heard of housing costs going down on account of savings on construction labor? These contractors are simply pocketing bigger profits because they have access to illegal immigrant labor.

That is the illegal immigration problem in a nutshell. The problem is not the immigrants. Rather it is the illegal jobs offered by unscrupulous, greedy employers. It is for the benefit of such scumbags that Bush and Co are trying to ammend the laws dealing with illegal immigrants. They want to legalize the too-low wages already being paid to the immigrant workforce.

Report those employers to the labor board. Report them to the IRS. Report them to your city, county and state departments of revenue. Why? Because in order to hire undocumented workers, those employers have to undocument their work. This means those companies have to keep phantom accounting records to cover for the activity for which they cannot report having hired anyone. That’s breaking so many laws it IS funny. Report them!

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3 Responses to Illegal immigrant abuse

  1. Avatar Marc says:

    Yes. And better yet, video it!

    When you see the homebuilder or landscaper or other businesses pick up migrant day labor. Capture it on video. I know hosting firms that will host it for free. If needed I will edit and make it a reasonable size for web viewing!

    We need to hold the businesses and managers which break our laws and exploit illegal immigrants with the same disdain that is felt towards pedophiles.

  2. Avatar Eric says:

    At least pedophiles don’t take anyone’s job. At least none you would want.

  3. Avatar Marc says:

    You are right, never wanted to be a priest.

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