Selling arms to the enemy

Finnish Air Force200,000 Kalashnikovs collected from the streets of Bosnia by US forces were recently shipped off to Iraq via the usual arms dealers/contractors. It’s said the shipments were intended for the Iraqi-coalition soldiers but the guns have disappeared and it’s feared they are being used to fire at US troops.

Holy Fucking Shit wouldn’t you say? This would be the kind of story a so-called-liberal-press would love to expose! American war profiteers selling weapons to both sides! Where are the reporters? The world press is running with it, apparently our reporters are not.

The other day I was perusing a collection of paintings of WWII aerial dog-fights. The book had a not-so-subtle patriotic bent such that scenes mostly depicted American fighters shooting down enemy planes. My attention was thus grabbed by a dogfight depicting a swastika-clad Finnish plane having shot two red-starred Russian planes.

Noteworthy however was that both combatants were flying American planes. The US shipped thousands of planes to its Russian ally throughout the war. The Finns flew Hawker Hurricanes and Brewster Buffalos. These weren’t planes left-over from before the war. Our industrialists supplied these planes to Finland during the war. Our war-profiteers were making money from both sides of the war!

Recognize the plane? That doesn’t look like our swastika on the wings, does it?

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  1. Clearly my comment is two years late, but in regards to the painting of the Buffalo and two Warhawks, you have to understand the situation. The Buffalo’s were exported to Finland before we entered the war, and before Finland and Germany were any sort of team. Finland only teamed up with Germany because Finland was being invaded by the Soviet Union. The only reason we allied with the Soviet Union was because the enemy of your enemy is your best friend. We didn’t like the Soviet Union, but we didn’t like Nazi Germany more.

    After we decided to help the Soviet Union and finally enter the war, the Finns still had our Buffalo’s. They also used captured allied aircraft such as P-36s and Hurricanes after Germany had taken France. It’s not that we were selling weapons to both sides, it’s simply the change in markets and the recycling of captured weapons. And actually, the Buffalo pretty much is a plane left over from before the war. It saw little combat on the allied sides because of it’s outdated ’30s design, unable to compete. After all, before the war we traded with Japan, you could then argue we traded with both sides of the conflict in the Pacific.

    On top of that, the blue Swastika the Finns used is unrelated to Nazi Germany’s Swastika. you might as well be calling Navajo’s and Buddhists Nazis if you’re going to be making that remark.

    Check out your facts before you make comments like that. Me, I work at an aviation museum and have visited several. On top of that, the Buffalo’s one of my most favorite aircraft, I know it well.

  2. Just a natural assumption, since our current president still gets residual payments from a banking deal his Grandfather made with Hitler, and the money laundering continued even AFTER the German Navy had blown up an American merchant ship, the Reuben James, in American Territorial waters.

    And his Father and Ronny Ray Gunn had sold munitions to:
    The Ayatollah Khomeini…
    Saddam Hussein, who was in a war with T.A.K.
    Hizbollah, because they were a client of the Ayatollah.
    The Druze, Israeli, and Maronite Militias in Lebanon because they were fighting against Hizbollah.

    …even after Hizbollah blew up two Marine Compounds in Beirut…

    The Medellin Cartel, Manuel Noriega, (president of the “not puppet dictatorship” of Panama),Cuba Libre, the Unofficial Army of El Salvador, and the Contras because they were fighting against the lawfully elected government and the people of Nicaragua.
    …even when the Salvadoran death squads and the Contras had murdered Americans in both countries.

    The Corrupt Narco-Government of Colombia because they were fighting the Medellin Cartel.
    And of course, the Taliban and the fledgling al Qa’eda. Because they were fighting the Russians.

    The Solidarnosc trade and labor union in Poland because they were fighting the Russians.
    While and at the same time promoting a terror campaign against AMERICAN trade and labor unions…

    So, bear with us, sir… the Bush Regime and their principal allies have a long history of treason, sedition and Dealing With The Enemy.

    Also, iirc, the P-38 came off the production lines to replace the Buffalo… after Pearl Harbor.
    I might be wrong, but I doubt it.

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