The white Olympics

Smokestacks of TurinToday I watched the opening ceremonies of the White Olympics in Torino.
Yes, White Olympics. Virtually all the athletes are white. White because winter sports take place in northern climes where most everybody is white. White because winter sports require equipment beyond what tropical non-developed countries can afford their athletes. White because that is the color of the world aristocracy.

But the Summer Olympics were very much the same. Compared to World Soccer, or the NBA, or the NFL, or the AFL-CIO, the Summer Olympics are lily-white.

So everyone at the Winter Olympics is white, the entire South African team is white. The few dark faces among the white are citizens of white countries who trace their roots elsewhere.

When the American team made its entrance, I wondered, where were the boos? The American athletes were smiling and waving, many were hamming for the camera, one was talking on her phone. An audience was never shown, either booing or applauding.

But there would not have been booing at this pageant. This was a fete for the developed countries, presently at war with darker skinned countries. This was a white man’s club. The few delegates from dark countries were vestiges of the old colonial representatives, cousins of the western nations, returned home having lost their lands and authority to land-reform and indigenous efforts to reclaim territorial autonomy.

So this celebration was the bi-annual gathering of the ruling class, their athletes who can afford to practice their athletics full time, and the spectators who can jet around the world and attend the events.

And the symbol of power from which the ruling classes owe their supremacy was visible in the Olympic flame. Some might also find it was appropriate for the industrial city of Torino.
I thought it looked right out of Antonioni’s stark 1964 film Red Desert about industrial ennui, the multiple-funneled smokestack that is this year’s Olympic cauldron.

7 thoughts on “The white Olympics

  1. I applaude the ruling class. The white race. The ones that prosper, have dignity, and make the world a better place.

  2. Shut up, you ni%$er boinkin, subaru driving, tree-hugging, liberal loser, hippie. You have a problem with white people in Olympic games?

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    so, maybe you’re a loser…

    you did get the “hippie” part right…

    I don’t know if you intended to just satirize and be a caricature of the Ultimate Ignorant Redneck or if you really are one.

    My redneck credentials are impeccable. I spent the Three Days of Peace and Love (Woodstock) on a ranch in the middle of a triangle formed by Fort Worth, Cleburne and Keene Texas.

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    You, sir, are just a wannabee.

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    I know the entire lyrics to more hillbilly songs than the number of actual Hillbillies you know.

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  4. Jonha

    You are clearly a douchebag and probably a child since you used the colloquyolism “boinked”….

    Whether you are white trash or a shit colored savage, no body really cares.

    But the facts are the facts. This is a white world and that is the way it is going to be. Dont watch the white olympics if they piss you off so much.
    But dont think for a second that this feeble article will affect anyones opinion of the games.
    If ther games were all “shit colored” – nobody would watch.

    good luck in my world….

  5. You don’t own the world any more than I. White for whatever it’s worth is a minority. “Are” a minority? Makes no difference.

    The ‘savages’ almost invariably have cultures and civilization much older than the English, or really any other Europeans.

    Btw, Caucasian merely means “of indeterminate race” as in “The Caucasus Region and indeed all of Europe was ravaged by back and forth conquests for the past 3 millennia” and Europeans who wish to speak of Racial Purity are Purely Deluded.

    I laughed very much about your attempt to appear educated by correcting my quote of the Wannabee Klansman using “Boinkin” and “ni%$er” when he obviously meant Nigger and Fucking.

    Especially since you are either too filled with Impotent rage at being out-bred by the “shit-skinned Savages” you so despise, even in your conquered Empire of America….
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    …to type with any degree of accuracy,


    … you simply don’t know how to spell the English language but think you can.

    Either way, I, like Tony, am very glad you took the time to display the Ignorance, not of the white “race” in general, but of white RACISTS.

    In 15 years America is going to be so culturally and racially diverse that Your Kind, (Nazis, not the white “race” in general) won’t even have a majority of the population being the same Ethnicity as you.

    Far less your really stupid ideas about Racial Dominance or Purity.

    For the nonce, amigo, we’ll resist your Dying Philosophys helpless rage and flailing death throes.

    Just because a wounded ANIMAL is dangerous to approach as it lays dying.

    You can have fun with your lonely hatred and rage. I truly pity you that it’s all you’ve got.

    Meanwhile, there are very few, and fewer every day, who are willing to bow before your Racist Temper Tantrum, the one you display because the world is increasingly beyond your control.

    Oh, here’s another colloquialism…

    Sure sux 2 b u.

  6. The Olympics is an internationalist competition which pits species against species. This results in Africans winning the running events, Asians winning the Gymnastic events and Whites winning the swimming events and every event in the Winter Olympics. It’s ridiculous. There is no competition as the competitors are unevenly matched.

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