We all know that Bush’s attack on Iran is going to come

We all know that Bush’s attack on Iran is going to come. In fact, the bombing of civilians at night in Pakistan and Afghanistan is just the opening act for the bombing of Iranian civilians that is being planned. It will most certainly also be done at night, too, simply because it lights up the night sky so bright. This imagery will show how tough Bush really is against ‘Arab terrorists’. Not afraid to bomb them babies is he. So don’t tickle us with details, now, y’all hear? ‘Mericans going to pour out another trillion dollars in support of their ignorance after this bad boy bombing comes down. It’ll be the best patriotic American light show since Belgrade!

Has anybody heard any of those cowardly Democratic Party politicians speaking out against the official program? What about them Democratic Party voting peaceniks? Shoot, the Lebanon ‘affair’ just passed them by entirely, didn’t it. Hey, they didn’t even get time to pray on it, and even though they were demonstrating against Iraq at a very few anemic rallies, and were making sweet speeches, too. Well shucks, it was troo complicated to bring up the war-making by Israel that the Democratic Party was supporting. Shut our eyes and it just went away. Few cluster bombs left around, that’s all. Oil slick.

Bush saying that the Democrats got it all wrong! There never was an October Surprise at all. It’s a November Surprise instead! Couldn’t see it could y’all? All the time it was hanging right in front of your eyes, too. You wimps sure are just so lame.

And the Democrats? Gee! You sure pulled one on us, Dubya. Got to hand it to you, you sure are tricky. If we had known it was coming, we would have opposed you. But now that you’re doing something to stop those terrorists, we got to support our troops. We support you, Mr. President, all the way. Let’s get the job done right, and then let’s discuss time tables, giving our troops the equipment they need, and how to more efficiently dispense our government’s militaristic propaganda in the future. Go, team Go!

Is this Iran war going to be a surprise, or what? Going to catch us all off guard. We didn’t know that a constant war would be constant, you know? It’s supposed to go on for an eternity, but we just didn’t forsee. We don’t mind footing the bill. We’re Americans. At least nobody much got hurt. We’re Americans.

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