Bush and Dobson at Bomb ’em Summit (and other things)

James Dobson met with Bush in a ‘pro-family movement’ summit and came to the startling conclusion that it was OK for Iranian families to drop bombs on them to save them from their president who Dobson compares to Hitler. Did you have problems following that logic?

Actually, James Dobson did not say that it was OK for Iranian families to drop bombs on Iran, but only that it was ‘pro-family’ for American families for the US government to do so. Ok, look it’s hard to link bombs with being ‘pro-family’, so you might want to call ‘Focus on the Family’ to get them to explain it all to you. I can’t. Certainly not that well, at any rate….

We live in amazing times and the American family has changed it seems. Iranian children must be nuked if they misbehave, and George is just the perfect big daddy to do it, too. And Poppy Dick from his aircraft carrier out there in the Persian Gulf is going to help out, too.

American children here in Colorado Springs on the other hand, have a much more permissive big daddy who goes by by the name of Richard ‘Liars’ Myers. Being a good liberal sort of guy, he will ensure that all Colorado Springs children will just get time outs instead of new generation ‘bunker buster’ nukes on their butts. And Father Lionel will protect all of us local kids without regard to whether or not we are ‘defense’ contractors.

It’s a privilege to live in Colorado and have such nice military-industrial-psychological complex working to keep us safe and sane. Thanks, All!

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