On a Nother News angle…

One of the Largest War Mongering corporations in Europe is having massive layoffs because the British are pulling out of Iraq.


Poor little “defense” Contractors who make all their money off KILLING BABIES.

Maybe they’ll have to get honest jobs or perhaps, you know, instead of investing Trillions of dollars and Euros in devising faster more efficient ways of Subjugating People or killing them when they resist…

Money supplied by the taxpayers of the nations in which they operate, virtually Tax Free themselves…

They could spend that money to, you know, BUILD a workable economy instead of Destroying the economy of the entire world.

Poetic Justice is when a War Contractor gets killed in an accident at one of his WarBucks Inc. “defense” plants.

US soldier sadists get kicks in quick at Guantanamo

abu-ghraibExclusive: Lawyer says Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama So it’s not just Not My Tribe that writes about the bad character of most US soldiers, but rather Reuters does so as it informs the whole world of these facts about American soldier jailers. The US military is simply full of many sick, hateful, and sadistic people, as are the various local policing agencies within our country. That simply should be absolutely not surprising to anybody around the world, since these soldiers and police are in charge of enforcing racist, imperialist, war mongering domestic and foreign policies of the US government. The Whole World continues to watch.

Washington’s new nasty little attack dog- the French poodle Sarkozy

Tony Blair, Washington DC’s British poodle has now been replaced with a French poodle, it seems. That little rabid asshole is the new leader of French imperialism, Sarkozy. Sounds like a STD, doesn’t it? Below is the funniest headline (in a sick sort of way) I have seen in a long time…

What a scum bag is this DC puppet, Sarkozy!

Sarkozy: I’ve reached the end of the road with Assad

French president says he’s outraged by Damascus’ intervention in Lebanese political process, expects ‘actions, not talk’ from President Assad
report by Roee Nahmias

Doesn’t it take the cake for a French leader to talk about intervention in the Lebanese political process? France was the colonizer that enslaved this region and has caused so much heartache ever since from its constant and eternal meddling in the affairs of other nations and its exploitation of them. And here is this twit doing it again and making his war mongering threats?

The world should pull France off the Security Council of the United Nations and reprimand this country for its belligerence and interference in the affairs of other nations. Our country is not the only one with sickies in power. To think that this thug Sarkozy is actually in charge of WOMD? Good Grief!

Demonstrate Americans want peace

Today (One O’Clock is looking to be the peak time) at the intersection of Academy and Fountain Boulevards. We’ll show Colorado Springs’ merchants of war that its citizens don’t want 9/11 used as an excuse for permanent war.

people say no to warIf you’re worried about offending defense industry workers with accusations of war mongering and profiteering, recall our PPJPC tradition of non-confrontation. Ask yourself what local actions have ever been “somber” vigils or “angry” protests? We usually have to suppress our laughter and enthusiasm for standing up for peace and justice. Remember the main message we’re going to get across today will be conveyed by the passing cars, honking in support of ending war. Those are the voices which will carry into the offices of Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Alliant Techsystems, L-3 Communications Titan Group, Caci International, Mitre, etc, etc, etc.
Today outside their windows will be a demonstration that it is not just us peace-mongers wanting to slow this gravy-train, it is Colorado Springs and America who want peace.

Cindy Sheehan talks about her break from the Democrats

WSWS has an interesting interview on their website with Cindy Sheehan. More than anybody else Cindy Sheehan has come to personify the American Antiwar Movement.

We will be hearing a lot less about her views in the press, simply because the Democratic Party wants people not to hear her message even more than George W. Bush himself wants that. She no longer is useful to the Democratic Party liberal voter types in helping them be better Bush bashers. How they suffer from losing Cindy…

Not that Bush shouldn’t be bashed, but so should the Democrats themselves. Their corporate handlers also want constant warfare just like the Republican do, since it’s so very good for business even if not so good for humanity. Thank goodness that Cindy Sheehan has had the courage and honesty to stand up to both these corporate, war mongering parties.
Cindy Sheehan interview

Talk is the walk

A fellow advocate of peace thinks it’s time to walk the walk. Be the peace you hope to inspire in others. “There’s been enough talk about peace, now walk the walk.” I find this a less than refreshing contortion of the catch-phrase. It’s one thing to speak peaceably, quite another to speak up in support of peace. Policemen are not going to disturb your being peaceful. Keeping peace with yourself does not disrupt their bosses’ war mongering and profiteering. But speak up for peace, and the war industry has a problem with you.

Am I advocating rubbing policemen the wrong way? Not for its own sake. But are you trying challenge authority and stop a war?

I’m all for people walking the walk, paying more than lip-service, or putting their money where their mouth is. But don’t pervert that to mean a peacemaker’s mouth should be kept assiduously quiet. The effort to end war and injustice means speaking up for those who cannot. If I insist it means fighting for what you believe, I do not mean fighting in an other than non-violent sense, I mean putting forth effort. If you are not talking, you’re just walking.