Happy Easter, Canada

For what unearthly reason has the Canadian government sent its troops to occupy Afghanistan? These are tag along American-led imperialist troops not defending Canadian national interests in the least. One wonders how Canada has any national pride at all these days, when that country’s citizens allow their government to be led by the nose into these stupid imperial occupations of other countries, all directed by the Pentagon in Washington D.C. This Easter Day, the Canadians lost 7 of their young people there, while serving their US masters.

Similarly, the British government is secretly planning to stay in Iraq for 5 more years according to reports, and the European Union is being besmirched by having cooperated with US crimes against humanity now taking place in Mogadishu, Somalia, and in the hidden torture cells the US is running for prisoners taken captive in that country.

Shame on all you ‘poodle’ countries for letting Bush misguide you into being involved in our government’s war crimes and torture. Rebel, and we in America will certainly follow your example, though belatedly for sure. The whole world is involved in the US government’s terrorism at this point, and only the whole world together can stop it.

US out of Somalia! US out of Afghanistan! US out of Pakistan! US out of Iraq!

End the US government torture and its terrorism worldwide!

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