Current slaughter in Sri Lanka is part of the spread of war into the greater region

sri-lanka-victimThe struggle for justice for the Tamil community in both India and Sri Lanka has taken place for many long decades and at a great loss of live, and like the struggle for justice in Kashmir, has seen the entire world hardly take the slightest notice. The Tamil people have failed to create a celebrity cause like Darfur and Tibet have become here in the US.

Instead, they have fallen victim to slaughter by State Terrorism much like the peoples of Kashmir, Peru (with the suppression of the Sendero Luminoso by the US-Peruvian governments), and Colombia (with it s decades long death squad massacres promoted by the US-Colombian government) have also suffered tens of thousands of casualties. And how many peoples in Africa have suffered similarly without anybody batting an eye in either Europe or the English speaking countries? The Tamil have probably lost 100,000 in their struggle for self determination of their communities in Sri Lanka alone.

Now, the world government enablers of the Sri Lanka slaughter have stepped in with their typical show of humanitarianism at the last moment in the ongoing slaughter with pleas to help the civilians! Sri Lanka Tigers urged to end war What a sad situation.

However, these same countries that are ‘urging and end to war’ in Sri Lanka are actively part of the US’s spread of war into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and into possibly the entire Indian sub-continent, if the US manages to heat up more the Pakistan-India conflicts with its so-called Global War on Terrorism, a war against shadows that merely serves to feed the US military-industrial complex’s welfare-guzzling operations.

Though the American population is hardly aware of this fact, the US and Indian governments have been increasingly allying their special interests together against what both governments conceive of as common political enemies in Asia. Neither governments are actually concerned at all about this conflict in Sri Lanka, as long as the slaughter is not of such a proportion as to detract from their goals of aggressively pursuing regional conflicts in other arenas of the area.

India, for example, must have good enough press to be able to quietly fight ‘pirates’ for the US in the Indian Ocean region that extends to Somalia. Tens of thousands of deaths in nearby Sri Lanka certainly will not help things here for India. And certainly might make it look nastier for the US’s military public relation’s team as the Pentagon pops civilians in Pakistan on a weekly basis.

One thing for the world to keep in mind, is that the more slaughter that occurs in the Indian sub-continent region, the more unstable becomes the nuclear caches of India and Pakistan, too. It ups the ante about how much bloodshed could possibly be effective or not in achieving sectarian goals.

Meanwhile, let us wish the best for the Tamil people who are suffering so because the dominant Sinhalese of Sri Lanka so little want to share power with the people they share the land with. In that there is similarity to the Middle East itself, where a dominant and controlling group of people care not the least to share power with their victims either.

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8 Responses to Current slaughter in Sri Lanka is part of the spread of war into the greater region

  1. Avatar Don says:

    Tony Logan,

    You wrote:

    In that there is similarity to the Middle East itself, where a dominant and controllinggroup of people care not the least to share power with their victims either.

    Aside from your omitting the terrible harm the Tamil Tigers and the Shining Path terrorist organizations have inflicted on Sri Lanka’s and Peru’s respective civilian populations, your characterization of the Middle East is divorced from historical experience.

    Israel accepted President Clinton’s bridging proposal of December 2000 that would have given the Palestinians 97% of the West Bank, 100% of the Gaza Strip, virtually all of East Jerusalem except for the Western Wall, and created a $30 billion refugee fund. Yasser Arafat lacked the courage and foresight to accept the proposal. In accepting the proposal, Israel reaffirmed its willingness to share land with the Palestinians.

    Those who refuse to share the land are terrorist entities such as Hamas. Those organizations maintain an irredentist pursuit of Israel’s destruction. They reject compromise and peace initiatives. Following the end of Operation Cast Lead’s military operations, senior Hamas official Isma’il Radhwan declared, “The Gaza victory has paved the way to Jerusalem, Haifa, Jaffa, the Negev, and the West Bank.” In other words, Hamas was reaffirming its pursuit of Israel’s elimination. That is an unwillingness to share.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The Tamil Tigers and Sendero Luminoso are hardly saintly organizations but the Sri Lankan and Peruvian governments were the ones actually responsible for 90$ PLUS of the violence done to their respective peoples. What happened, ‘Don’, forgot to lump the Colombian FARC into your little group of bad guys, too?

    Oh, Big Bad Israel scared of being eliminated by that nasty Hamas! So you and your army got to murder and maim some more Palestinian kids down in cold blood, ‘Don’? You’re not a Nazi, ‘Don’. You’re just a fascist minded child abuser.

  3. Avatar Don says:

    More ad hominem attacks. No substance. The pattern repeats itself yet again: Author makes unsubstantiated charges –> reader corrects them –> reader is subjected to ad hominem attacks and the unsubstantiated charges are implicitly or explicitly reaffirmed.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Pointy head nit. You make not a point at all in almost all your arguments, but instead just spam us with repeated propaganda points you repeat incessantly. Big Lies repeated over and over again just make others eventually angry from how boring you get with them. Then The Obtuse Lawyer can come in with his Latin!

  5. Avatar Don says:

    Tony Logan,

    The other readers and I who have commented on some of the material here have provided facts and sources for the facts. Propaganda is “information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.” As some on this site, including Thomas Mc and you, have repeatedly posted unsubstantiated claims–and persisted in them even when corrected–aimed at demonizing Israel, it is your content that is propaganda. Those who try to correct the errors are not engaging in the dissemination of propaganda.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Don, I think that the readers can judge quite well who is the PR Man and who is not. We are quite polite to people who disagree with us on this blog when they are sincere people, and go to lengths do not make demands on them that they must come over to our point of view. We listen to their arguments and we state our own opinions and that is that.

    However, when PR Internet Megaphone Machine Cyborgs come our way in total insincerity like some sort of group of Daleks attacking Doctor Who to EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE, then we lose any desire to be too polite to the likes of yourself.

    Intelligent People of all opinions who should spend more than a minute or two on this blog and read our exchange can see through what you are in a heartbeat. You are a military based propagandist for the State of Israel. You are a simple PR hack, and not somebody whose opinion just is in simple enough disagreement with our own. You ooze the insincerity of a used car salesman type, but we’re buying nothing of your spam team’s claim to be mere normal people that just happened to see our blog and start replying to some opinions that they disagreed with.

  7. Avatar Don says:

    More name-calling. When one has no facts, one often resorts to such antics.

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    This thread got sidetracked by the Zionist spammers unfortunately. But no here is a film of the gigantic Tamil demonstration in London demanding a halt to Sri Lanka’s slaughter of Tamils in that country. Tamils Historic Protest in London – Scene 1 at YouTube.

    and also an article about the 7 the Tamil in one month to set himself afire in protest of the Sri Lanka government offensive against the Tamil community there on that island territory…

    ‘Seven Tamils – including Murugathasan – have burned themselves to death in the past month to protest about the treatment of their people by Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese government. Most were in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, but on 14 February, another British-based Tamil allegedly tried to set himself on fire outside Downing Street, but was arrested before he could do so.’
    at the Guardian.

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