That silence you hear is Al Gore, Slick Willie, and Jimmy Carter on Iraq

Al is worried about Global Warming, Slick has not so recently been busy alongside George Senior with Tsunami relief, and Jimmy’s been re-writing the history he was part of and using bad words (no, not SCOTUM). All noble efforts without doubt, and all intended more to better public image manage the Democratic Party than to seriously deal with any real problems, like say… the Occupation and War Against Iraq. Hear, we have only deafening silence.

What’s with these guys? Cynics might say that it is merely that they support imperialism, rather than oppose it. What other reason could there be for being so nicely quiet for Bush and Cheney on the central issue of our time? It is so very difficult to posture that one opposes something, while supporting it at the same time. Better to keep mute, I guess? Too bad and so sad there is no Nobel Silence Prize to award Dear Al.

Imagine if these big liberal leaders had not been keeping silent all these years when they actually held office? Oops, they weren’t actually silent then, like now. Instead, they were pushing wars, I do believe. For Jimmy, those were the glory days when it was in to help Osama out. Heck, he was even pushing Apartheid back then. The forerunners of the Taliban were pushing for a sexual Apartheid in Afghanistan, and Jimmy and Osama did their part to hurry it along. Oh the fun times when Jimmy and Brzezinski were a team! So many have forgot…

And Slick and Al working together later on to protect the environment…NOT. Al practically invented computers and was always telling us what a great thing it was. And telling us about its toxicity to the environment.. well he forgot that small detail Really. Does anybody remember Al ever talking about environmental issues when he was VP? I’m getting old and maybe my memory has gone bad? Now he’s up for a Peace Prize no less. Who ever imagined that Norwegians were ever so damn wacky? Al and ‘peace’, what a bloody gore of a joke on us all.

OK, I admit that this is another thread about my obsessive disdain for the DP. But can you blame me really? Sorry to sound like su\ch a broken record. But this deafening silence hurts my ears.

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7 Responses to That silence you hear is Al Gore, Slick Willie, and Jimmy Carter on Iraq

  1. Avatar Mark C says:

    Aren’t you at all embarassed to publish such ill-educated drivel on the Internet?

    Carter has been critical of the Iraq War all along. Back in November in an interview with Wolf Blitzer he called it One of the — it’s going to prove, I believe, to be one of the greatest blunders that American presidents have ever made.”

    And yes, Al Gore was a major proponent of environmental policies going back not only to his vice presidency, but to his Senate and even House years as well, when he organized the first congressional hearins on global warming , whether you remember it or not. It’s pretty hard to remember stuff like that when you don’t read newspapers, and it’s pretty apparent you don’t.

    Jeez your post is crap.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Ill-educated? You’ve got to be fucking kidding! The problem I think is that you are reading the corporate newspapers.

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    Ah, abuse.
    What was somebody saying about posting “crap”?

    So it is reactionary, true. And opinionated.

    But that is born of frustration, not ignorance.

    Besides, the only two newspapers in town here are the Gazette, which we read (i pick mine out of the recycling bin a day or two later, screw paying for that drivel) to find out what the Lunatic Fringe is thinking, and the Independent which, despite the name, is part of a loosely knit syndicate, which is so left wing it makes us look like we still vote for Nixon.

    Which is Good.

    What remains is for us to grab and assimilate those sources, augment them with other sources, including our own experiences, and write whatever we feel like writing.

    It’s called freedom.

    Not quite the same thing as “crap”.

    But thank you for your concern.

    Perhaps, though, when you strive to educate people, a better tactic might be not so insulting. Have you perhaps read some of the other posts recently?

    The theme is that the Democratic Party, even with an extremely loud mandate from the masses (a bigger landslide than either Nixon or Ronnie Ray-gun ever pulled down). they still haven’t done what the people have demanded: Stop the war, bring our people home, let the Other People(s) plural for they are many–decide their own destiny and pull that stupid wannabe dictator out of the White House.

    It’s rather simple.

    The time for civilized niceties has passed.

    The point is that Mr Carter and Mr Gore and Mr Clinton (and Mrs Clinton) are acting too nicey-nicey to a murderer, thief and liar, and his crew.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Mark, now you know that I read as many or more newspapers as you do, don’t you? Plus you know that Al Gore was not exactly Mr Environmentalist as neither was his boss, Slick, during their 8 years together in the White House.

    And Jimmy’s most notable achievement in the White House was getting the CIA involved in Afghanistan, trying to maintain the crumbing Somoza regime in power, and paving the road ahead for Reaganism. The truth most certainly hurts for DP apologist addicts like you.

    Contrary to what you say about Carter, he has remained virtually totally silent about Iraq, all through the 8 Clinton/ Gore sanction years, and also during the time of the Bush invasion, occupation, and up to now with the new threat of an attack on Iran. Yes, he still keeps his trap almost entirely closed about the coming attack on Iran, though he is certainly capable of pontificating like the pope himself, is he not?

    Just because the Far Right maniacs attack people like Clinton and Carter does not make them progressives. And it is not reactionary to attack these charlatans neither. In fact, it’s the right thing to do, as we need to monkey wrench their loyal opposition act.

    James Petras gives a good review of Jimmy Carter’s record in an article subtitled, ‘Beware Jimmy Carter’ at counterpunch’s web site. Check it out, Mark, then write us back.

  5. Avatar Henry says:

    I wonder what planet the people who write this blog live on. Although J Carter is over 80 years old, he’s written endless articles, oped pieces etc opposing the Iraq war. He’s also written a book highly critical of Bush foreign policy and another on Palestine/Israel. To say that Carter has been ‘virtually totally silent’ is just untrue.

    Oh, and on Iran, Carter has been viciously attacked by the likes of Bill O’Reilly for his views.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Attacked by O’Reilly, you don’t say? So what, Henry? You could be Mussolini and get attacked for being a socialist by that idiot, could you not? If that’s one of what you think as some sort of credential for Jimmy Carter, that is just pathetic. Jimmy and the neocon/ nutty Right may like to play ping-pong together, but that hardly qualifies him as a great statesman.

    It always gets me when to attack the Democratic Party head honcho hacks gets one labeled as coming from another planet. Sir Henry, millions of people are so disenfranchised by the sick corporate 2-party con game in America, that it is nothing novel at all to oppose them together today. Lots of people don’t particularly like the type of people you are so rushed to defend.

    You see, Sir, many of us commoners don’t have foundations, pounds, and dollars enough to play elite politics as you and your wife are so adept at doing. We are the disenfranchised from Planet X to you aristocrats playing the commoners. So be it then. But it is us, not the tuxedoed elite that Carter and you come from, that will ultimately defend civilization from the barbarians. Thanks for being on our side, but in fact, you aren’t.

    We don’t like Bush’s foreign policy, but we don’t like the Democrats’ foreign policy neither. What a total lack of imagination on your part to think that makes us from another planet! Most of all, we don’t like the cooperation of the Democrats with the Republicans. We want a real opposition to corpo- cop–military- fascist world. Go figure? You’re just not it.

  7. Avatar Henry says:

    Well, I’m with Mark C’s view on this website (see above)

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