Make public transit free for riders

Why on earth do governments charge riders for taking public transit? What a defeatist system! This service needs to be free in every city of the country and paid for by other taxes, like road taxes for example.

If road taxes paid to keep public transportation on the road and full of riders, then less roads themselves would have to be built, less money would have to be paid for public health, and less money paid out to build new infrastructure into far away suburbs. See Alternet article on this issue.

1 thought on “Make public transit free for riders

  1. It would beat spending a quarter of a billion dollars to widen a certain westside road to accommodate the irrational driving habits of some people who are going to be dumb enough to buy into an Apartment Community that’s being built on top of a toxic waste dump…

    Oh, and another billion just to move Fountain Creek.

    They’re already talking about it like it’s a done deal.

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