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We live in wonderland times. Many might have heard about deep ecology and might even be supporters of it. But what about shallow ecology? Well it turns out that both terms were founded by the same man, Arne Naess, and despite the greater familiarity with the term ‘deep ecology’, there are many more advocates of ‘environmentalism’ that are into shallow ecology, than deep.

And to be even more comprehensive, we are also into having a plethora of what should be called shallowest ecology advocates. These are kind of like the plethora of anti Iraq War peace folk we have, who are noteven really shallow peace in their views, but shallowest peace. People like Hillary and Wesley (Clark) for examples. But who are the shallowest ecology advocates amongst us? In Colorado Springs, we might say that Richard Skorman is, the former vice mayor of the city.

I did not attend, but word has it that Poor Richard’s owned by Skorman, actually last week invited a Dupont exec up to us as ‘green’ and envormental friendly! To attend, one would have had to plump down some $10 I believe? to hear such nonsense espoused. Did anybody actually go? Please write if you did. As Steve Martin once said, ‘comedy is never pretty’ and this event must of been truly ugly. Wish I had made it for the laughs, if nothing else.

I did attend another shallowest ecology event, though, that was the free talk last night at Colorado College by Matthew Simmons, who I discovered afterward, was energy advisor to Bush at one time. Heck, ignorant me. I thought of him as just being an author who wrote some about Peak Oil Theory, not as exec and Bushie. And that’s why I attended the talk.

Simnmons gave a pretty good brief overview of Peak Oil theory to an audience of quite a few doubters. A radicalizing topic when the subject is actually understood, but that was what wierd about the meeting; there was no sense of energy, no sense of rage, no sense of realization that the world is facing a catastrophe in the near future. It was a shallow ecologist preaching to an audience full of more than a few far shallowest ecology people.

Peak Oil theory posits that cheap and available world oil is peaking at this point, and the world is going to face an increasingly tight cut off of energy resource flow in the years ahead. This will happen while we are all currently having our needs poorly met, through a capitalist production and distribution economy based on high energy resource waste and continual anarchist expansion. In other words, we are coming upon tight times ahead, while our world economy is a waste,toss, and run one. We’re running towards a brick wall.

My announcement to the audience about the March 17-18 antiwar activities ahead in our city, was followed by a further brief comment about how the US military was a major waster of energy and was acting as pirates around the globe looking to loot remaining energy supplies. Matthew Simmons then instead of addressing what I had just said, only commented that the military leaders were now beginning to show interest in the Peak Oil ‘question’, and that he was happy by that. Well, la-de-la-da! It was Peak Oil turned into shallowest ecology like gold turned to lead in front of my very own eyes. Peak Oil in a puff.

So I now have an energy formula to produce new critical masses of Shallowest Ecology? Just put Colorado Springs local Richard Skorman, any Dupont exec (preferably racial minoprity or woman), Matthew Simmons in his Twilight (partial name of his book, Twilight in the Desert), Dick Cheney, and Al Gore all together into a giant green bag. And then shake hard! Then listen to whatever pops out of their mouths. That is Shallowest Ecology in its purest essence. We’re in big trouble.

6 thoughts on “Shallowest Ecology

  1. Wes Clark is the only real peace advocate we have who has a shot at the White House. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s chickenhawk civilians who get us into wars. It often takes a military officer to get us out, or keep us from going in the first place. See

    But hey, guess what. Wes Clark is a deep environmentalist too. There’s a reason Gaylord Nelson endorsed him for president in 2004.

    Sheesh, what prejudice and stereotyping you find in SOME on the left.

  2. Sheesh, Jai, some liberals are about as gullible as you can get! Wesley Clark is neither a peace advocate nor environmentalist, and you offer zero evidence to back up your mistaken notions that he is. Where do you get these mistaken notions since there is zilch in his previous conduct or ‘wespac’ website that should make one think as you do? Pure faith and desire that it be so on your part? Because it just isn’t there.

    Clark isn’t for withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan at all. He is for ‘redeployment’ and for no timetables even. And saying that Bush-Cheney are a pair of fuckups does not make Clark a ‘real peace advocate’, as you call him. You are just being unreal to think that it might.

    Clark correctly fears that an extension of US warfare into Syria and Iran at this time of failure in Iraq by Bush carries greater dangers for the US government than benefits, and he wants to brake for now. That is not ‘real peace advocacy’, Dude, so get a grip on reality, please.

    Wesley Clark would nuke Iran in a heartbeat in the days ahead if his personal ‘negotiations’ were to not bear fruit for what the US wants in the region. His position is simply that Bush rushes to use the stick even when coddling and bullying, without a direct attack, might be more fruitful for US imperialism. That’s his disagreement with Bush, not your vivd imagination that he is somehow Mr. PeaceMan.

  3. Ever notice how when a finger gets to finger print, it sometimes likes to take up the whole blotter, Jai?

    Tony’s GOOD at stirring soup. I like him for that.

    If you’ve more time to write, Jai, you should. A pare-of-graph is not an exposed belief of detail.

    I dare the same of anyone (including myself).

    Tony’s easy pickings only because he elaborates. I’ve poked him a few times myself for his “typing”, but at least he’s aimiable about my target practice.

    On same side note, I’m sure Jai, that you’ve noticed NMT have listed contributors who say absolutely NOTHING. Endorsement by silent petition, I suppose… but it’s riskless and carefree if you ask me. Glad they are near though.

    Whether it’s chickenhawks or bullhorned doves, left, right, or off the ball court, I’d agree citizens are the course of interest, dissect, and implore.

    We ALL voted for George, when no one stopped the miscount en mass. This war belongs to EVERYONE.

    Dumb dumb bullets kissing under the Missle-tow…. What a Union Jack-off!!

    You know the Flag: Don’t Tread On Me. Your Pole vault awaits…

    Until then, viva la Green! Grave Shallow. Well Deep.

  4. I did attend the meeting, but the room was not large enough for the crowd of 50 or so there. So, I stood in the back near the dining area where I could hear diners’ conversations and the clanking of silverware, but not much from the speaker since there wasn’t any PA system. The mealy-mouthed Dupont Rep. talked extensively, I assume, because I could see her mouth moving. Actually, I did hear one question concerning the use of hydrogen technology, I believe, and the Dupontee’s answer was that she didn’t know anything about the technology or engineering involved. Well, being Dupont’s director of sustainability who can blame her? What’s hydrogen technology got to do with sustainability? Statistics is all you really need to be familiar with. If you can manipulate some data to make it appear that you’ve done something significant in reducing your own environmental destruction – that’s good enough for most people to hail you as savior of the world! Oh, by the way, she did say that there wouldn’t be any jobs coming to Colorado when it was cheaper to operate in Texas. Afterward I tried to fill out a request for information and was ignored by everyone including the coalition member working the table…I guess you had to have a name tag or a city council election button on to be acknowledged. Perhaps if I had bulldozed my way to the wine and cheese table where others gorged themselves after making their $10 suggested donation someone would have spoken to me. It was clear that this “coalition” had no intention of including me in their political alliance.

  5. Thanks for painting the picture out so well for us, Lane.

    This stuff would be pure comedy for most of us except that corporate bought-and-paid-for-nonsense about environmentalism will probably be inundating all of us (along with the rising ocean waters themselves) in the years ahead. Instead of seas full of fish, we will be awash in dead zones of corporate ‘green’ bullshit, so to speak. A whale of it.

  6. Ok an alleged Scientist, working for a company that’s trying to paint itself Green (witness the painting of the mountain in china last month) DOESN”T know much about Hydrogen? Come the hell on, what scientist in the whole world has no knowledge of Hydrogen?

    Damn, it’s JUST #1 on the Periodic Table Chemical Hit Parade.

    I know just enough chemistry to not make with a really tragic explosion, usually, couldn’t state the valence number of any element, far less a compound chemical, but even I know Hydrogen…

    This is a test, right? To see if we’re actually paying attention?

    Kind of warm us up for April Fool’s Day?

    You should have gone to the wine & cheese table, opened your trench coat (shotgun coat, slicker, Columbine Special) and proceeded to make off with as much cheese as you could carry and put the two most expensive bottles of vino in the inside pockets.

    At least make a profit out of the deal.

    And then proceed to get sloppy drunk on the cheaper stuff until you get asked to leave.

    Un Damned Believe A Bull.

    That’s high comedy all right.

    Would almost make me wish I still got high, so as to appreciate it better.

    Say, what are the plans for next Saturday? I mean time wise and all..

    I got my flute playing fired up, ready to roll, Drop me a call, Tony.

    Miss Johnnie said y’all had called while I was at the doctors.

    I have a good idea for a tribute, and would probably be able to pull it off, just not a plan to go along with the idea, yet.

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