Russia’s Crony Capitalism vs ours

Do you feel any safer? I mean now that godless communism was beat back in Russia?
Now all those nukes are in the hands of the crony capitalist elites of that country. Feel any safer?

Our own crony capitalists spent trillions of dollars of our national wealth to win that ‘Cold War’ against the Ruskies. Look what we got!

What we got, is a group of thugs in power in Moscow that look everyday more and more like the Mexican PRI dictatorship we had ruling Mexico south of us for over 1/2 a century. It was the longest running one-party dictatorship in the world before it ceded partial control of its co-thinkers, the Mexican PAN now in office. The calling card of this PRI group of gangsters was the ‘Dedazo’ every 6 years at ‘election’ time, or finger picking of the crony to continue control over all federal power. That’s the system that Russia now has moved to.

Don’t worry… They’re just nukes this Russian PRI has to use on us in any out-of-control, control of the world disputes our own group of nutty gangsters in control might provoke. It would be kinda of like getting caught up in some gang lord shootout, but just with much bigger weapons.

Now, don’t you feel better that those crazy communists no longer run things in Russia? We got it ALL with a bargain price which was a couple of trillion dollars spent, PLUS the penny ante creation of an Fundamentalist Islamic Movement in Afghanistan by our beloved Pentagon.

Merry Christmas, CIA.

3 thoughts on “Russia’s Crony Capitalism vs ours

  1. Thanks Tony, I don’t know where I’d have discovered this little piece of news. I guess the US media, which of course is owned by big six monstrous corporations didn’t think that telling this story would serve their other business investments.

    Link TV ( is currently airing a show featuring Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now!) on the topic of War and The Media. For anyone that hasn’t been searching for there news, it’s an eye opening story.

  2. I just had to subit the final comment from this article for those too lazy to click go and read the whole thing.

    Fidel Castro summed it up best just days ago when he said: “It is the most sophisticated media ever developed by technology, employed to kill human beings and to subjugate or exterminate peoples”.

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