Pueblo police steal baby from immigrant mom

One of the most unreported aspect of US immigration policy is how it breaks up immigrant families, oftentimes under the guise of saving children from abuse. The recent case of a undocumented mother in Pueblo accused of ‘selling’ her baby is case in point.

This young woman came to the US trying to find money to feed her 2 children left behind in Mexico with her grandmother. Instead, she ends up arrested on felony charges and her third child is taken away from her and put into Child Protective Service’s control. There it may well end up being put up for permanent adoption while the mother may end up behind bars for years unable to help provide for the other 2 children in Mexico!

In addition, a couple who tried to assist her, themselves were arrested and put into jail under felony charges! This couple has 4 kids that are also possibly up for grabs by the police, if there would be no other relatives to help to care for them.

What a total mess the police have made out of this situation. It’s not like any US government agency cares one wit about the children Involved. For all the US authorities care, this mother’s 2 children in Mexico could be allowed to starve to death. All the time mothers giving up their children to adoption in the US are offered financial incentives to do so. They are not charged with ‘selling’ their babies. But when an ‘illegal alien’ mother tries the best she can to work things out while being considered an animal that needs to be hunted down and deported, suddenly the terms of US law are altered. She is accused of traffic in babies, her own no less! If she had just handed it over to an adoption agency forever and away from her ever seeing the baby again, all would have been sweet and legal! Instead, she wanted to hold on the best she could to that baby.

The Pueblo police need to get their butts out of the baby theft business, and free this mother and the couple that she was living with that befriended her. What a travesty the US law is when it steals babies from their mothers, while accusing the mothers of ‘selling’ their own flesh and blood. Immigrants are human beings, and the US law degrades them instead of helping them. It is disgusting how the victims are blamed of crimes, while the government authorities are always hailed as being the decent folk involved. They most certainly are not. They are the real traffickers in human flesh.

One might want to think that this case is an exceptional mess up, and that it is not typical of how the US law is applied against the interests of undocumented parents and their children. However that is not the case, and this abuse of police power happens all the time, yet most cases never make it into the news. Immigrant children are constantly taken away form their parents while the parents are jailed and ultimately deported, leaving their children in protective custody within the US and placed into foster families.

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