The US government wins the Venezuelan elections

Hugo Chavez went down in defeat in Sunday’s election in Venezuela. Like the Nicaraguan elections where the Sandinista’s lost power, the people of a Latin American country were once again defeated by the US government in an election. Why?

Today Nicaragua is the poorest country in the Americas with the exception of Haiti, which is presently occupied by a despicable United Nations military doing the dirty work of the Bush Administration. Why did the Venezuelan electorate vote the way they did then? The answer is simple, and the reasons are similar to why the Nicaraguans voted the way they did back in the ’80s.

Many Venezuelans, like the Nicaraguans before them, simply were scared that the US military would use their power against their Venezuelan ‘patria’ if the vote was against what the gringo Powers in D.C. wanted. They stayed home and abstained from voting in a very close election, handing the victory to the Venezuelan Business Class, though only by the slimmest majority.

This is the danger of holding elections where US money is allowed to enter in and determine the results of an election. US money buys elections in poorer countries especially when the threat is to go to war with that country if results are now what the US government wants. A government looking for revolutionary change simply cannot allow the US to channel money into its opposition.

The US government would imprison any opposition taking foreign money to try to overturn it, and that is what the Venezuelan government led by Hugo Chavez didn’t do, with the results being a setback for The Revolution there. Let’s hope that the setback is temporary only, for the Venezuelans under the control of their corporate power elites are going nowhere except into being controlled by the US elites from afar. Live free and independent, or die!

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2 Responses to The US government wins the Venezuelan elections

  1. Avatar judyc says:

    The margin was the familiar 50.3% versus 49.7%.
    Isn’t that the standard result on Diebold machines?

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