Venezuelan top general throws in lot with US

Venezuelan defectorA key figure in the Venezuelan military, Gen. Raul Isaias Baduel, has decided to jump ship and cast his lot with the US. He has become highly uncomfortable, as Chavez has been busy dismantling the entrenched power foundations of the Venezuelan elites, and implementing new institutions that would better help defend Venezuela from US plans to overturn social reform there.

The rallying cry to move the Venezuelan Revolution forward has become Chavez’s call to reform the constitution. The Church, the military elite, and the top business elite oppose this, and continue to convince many in the Venezuelan middle class that it is better to allow the US to manage national affairs rather than allow the lower classes an opportunity to a better society for all.

By jumping ship, General Baduel is calling for rebellion inside the ranks of the Venezuelan military and asking that elements there support another US coup attempt on the Chavez led government. There are increased signs that the US government will take soon time away from their affairs of screwing over the Middle East and Africa, and advance toward committing new military aggressions against Latin America, against Cuba and Venezuela. In this, both the Democrats and Republicans are united.

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