Did you know Canada was under attack?

canada-firstI never knew? Canada is under attack and needs to spend about 1/2 trillion dollars in the next two decades to protect itself form hostile places like Haiti and Afghanistan! Canada First Defence Strategy underlines this horrible danger and came up with this plan to bankrupt the Canadian people before the Big, Bad Wolf gets them.

The Canadians are a generous and responsible people and never would want to allow the American people to bankrupt just themselves without they themselves offering to go bankrupt alongside of us. And you might not have thought about this but Canada protects us from Vladimir Putin and his mad, evil Russian Vodka drinking threat to us. With the Arctic being now ice free for a much longer season each year, the Russians might try to invade us by going over the North Pole, down into the Hudson Bay, and launching a surprise attack on Detroit, which is in entirely a too weakened condition to defend itself without Windsor taking up some of the slack.

So you might not know who PM Harper is, but he is a true friend of our own Pentagon. It’s even kind of kind of him to not have labeled his ‘defence’ plan The US First Defence Strategy instead of The Canada First Defence Strategy. That way us Americans can hardly feel too guilty about the sacrifice the Canadian people are making of themselves to join alongside us Americans at The Party. Still I at least am not one to forget that the Mounties are our friends, and the entire Canadian Policing-military-industrial complex, too.

Good people these and I believe that Sarah Palin is uniquely qualified in her foreign policy qualifications to lead us to better ties here. She knows the Canadian experience like no other American leader does, My Friends, and who more likely to put Northern Alberta to good use protecting us from the terrorists and meese?

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