Forget Joe the Plumber, the only person McCain represents is Jack the Lobbyist

"I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
– President Thomas Jefferson, 1802

Bigots for McCain!

RepubliKKKans caught hanging Obama in effigy on University of Kentucky campus.

Palin must be so proud. Two arrested in Republican plot to assassinate Obama.

Al Qaeda Endorses McCain!

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for the McCain campaign. He’s senile, and now she’s gone completely off the reservation.


Sarah Palin: ready to become Dick Cheney on day 1. She rigged bidding on $40B pipeline so it would go to her cronies.

Poll: Obama has highest approval ratings of any candidate in 28 years. Palin has the lowest, ever.

Senior Republican figures predict historic landslide for Obama.

Former Bush speechwriter says McCain is taking the entire GOP down with him.

Break out the bubbly! Vile heterofascist Marilyn Musgrave’s campaign is tanking.

Bush appointed Fed Chair endorses Obama.

Unhinged Republicans now claiming Obama is a Devil worshiper!

Call me paranoid if you want, but I have a hard time believing that Cheney has any intention of leaving office on January 20th, exposing himself to criminal prosecution for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and treason against the US Constitution. And McCain is just waaayyy too confident, considering the polls. November 4 is when things start to get a little dicey in our “democracy.”

US blackmails Iraq, will shut down entire country if they won’t sign agreement letting us continue genocidal occupation for 3 more years.

wealthy cry socialist

(Excerpts from Oct 31 notes of Thomas MC.)

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