John McCain is not a natural born citizen

University of Arizona law professor says McCain is ineligible to be president. The law that made children born to US citizens in the Panama Canal zone was not passed until after McCain was born, therefore he was not a “naturally born” citizen as the US Constitution requires. Then again, who pays attention to that old rag anymore? It also said that Bush and Cheney, being from the same state, could not be elected together.

I’ve always loved Dennis the Menace. Watching Kucinich read his new Article of Impeachment was indeed a treat. Too bad the rest of the Democrats are on a No Constitution diet.

It’s the Dems, stupid.

Truth in advertising. The Democrats should drop the Donkey mascot for a weasel.

Karl Rove defies Congressional subpoena, refuses to testify. That puts him in danger of a contempt of Congress citation, if Democrats can actually find a pair between them. Good luck with that.

Israel hints at pre-emptive attack on Iran.

Let’s see, Israel carries out war games to practice bombing runs on Iran, and the “news” media calls it “defensive,” but when Iran responds with missile tests to show it can defend itself from such an attack, it’s called “provacative.” Now that’s what I call Demonic.

Federal judge ruling: George W. Bush is a felon.

Confessions of a war criminal. But hey, he was just following the lead of the War Criminal in Chief.

Book reveals that Bush lied about never seeing Red Cross report on torture. [yawn] Let me know if evidence turns up that he’s ever told the truth!

It worked for Hitler.

FBI planning to “profile” muslims. What they need to do is profile Republicans!

US military defends marriage by murdering entire wedding party of 47 people.

Get married, go to jail. Wisconsin to arrest same sex couples who get married in California?

John McCain, polygamist? He’s been lying about his divorce and remarriage, it turns out he got his marriage license for Cindy while still legally married to Carol. [details]

Poll: McCain can’t even beat Obama in his own home state of Arizona, is trailing by 3%. Could this be the death knell for the GOP?

September surprise. Will Republicans dump McCain at GOP convention?

No evidence of tampering found in Obama plane that was forced to land because of mechanical problems.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes July 11,

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1 Response to John McCain is not a natural born citizen

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Yeah, Hannity was babbling about Obama not actually being born in Hawaii.

    One of his Sock Puppets (kind of like “literary pseudonyms” on the internet) wrote in National Review Online that mixed race marriages in the 50s and 60s were arranged by the KGB in order to bring forth people such as Obama so they would realize their demonic plot to dominate America with the Ultimate “manchurian candidate” and does anybody really take that shit seriously?

    Apparently some do. We meet them from time to time right here in the Springs.

    OMG, (until tomorrow at least) just to the left of this post is going to appear on Colorado Media Matters about KOA’s Newman talking about “an invasion of Muslim Terrorists”… Man, that goes in with deja vu, jamais vu and presque vu there. I just glanced to the side for a second after typing that bit about Apparently some do…

    Here’s a theory I could get into… McCain wasn’t born naturally Anywhere.

    I get this creepy feeling he was created in a laboratory somewhere. His ..ahem.. “Father” was involved in some Top Secret Navy stuff just before he was …ahem… “born”…

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