Lazy thinking Americans want safe ‘change’ and they will only get Obama

jetWow! 175,000 show up on one day in Missouri at Democratic Party rallies to help elect political hack, Barack Obama. They are looking for CHANGE, capital letters. Sadly to say they will only get Barack Obama into office, and that is no change anybody can really believe in at all. Except for lazy thinking Americans who want change that is actually more of the same thing… IMPERIALISM.

Think if these same lazy thinking Americans had gone out in the same force to antiwar demonstrations where we would be today? They are the same types of people that think that demonstrations accomplish nothing, so instead they only go out to vote for political hacks who they think of as being the lesser of two evils. Lazy thinking, know-nothing people are what bring nations into crisis. Ask the Germans about that. These people could just as easily have mobilized themselves for the cause of really changing America, but they didn’t.

2 thoughts on “Lazy thinking Americans want safe ‘change’ and they will only get Obama

  1. So you would suggest that people would be better advised to not vote, or to vote for McCain or a third party candidate?

    Demonstration usually don’t accomplish anything, and generally aren’t a good way to secure real change. The only time when protest is really superior to the alternatives is when you simply aren’t allowed to vote and have no other option.

  2. I really don’t think that we are allowed to truly vote in any real way, ohwilleke. I don’t consider the US to be a democratically functioning country at all. Our votes do not count. It is the votes of dollars that does.

    Demonstrations are no panacea for dealing with this lack of democracy though. Still, as a means to facilitate counter organizing to our society’s lack of functioning democracy, it is a necessary first step towards something better for organizations opposed to this dictatorship to build them, and build them well.

    My advice to others about their ‘votes’ is….? Just don’t sweat over it PERIOD. Little really is at stake here through the electoral process without organizing outside of the electoral arena. That is the real problem with the ‘lesser of 2 evil’ mindset since it appeals to the sentiments of people who think ‘voting’ is 100% of it all. They have it backwards.

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