Merry Christmas, Santa has a new ride

Christmas pickup
Season’s Felicitations from Not My Tribe
COLORADO, 2008- A Manitou family in Crystal Hills opted to hang Christmas lights on their old truck in lieu of their home. Was it to economize, to conserve, or to commemorate 2008 as the year of the pickup?

If I’m the only Grinch ascribing that interpretation, I still think it’s unassailable. 2008 was the year the pickup truck hit the crash test barrier.

Gas prices of four dollars per gallon tarnished the appeal of the pickup. Even now as inexplicably low fuel costs are dangled before Americans like a dealer’s freebie, the downward spinning economy has doomed the in-utile utility vehicle and there’s no getting back up on that saddle.

Is that any kind of Christmas message? Sure! It’s Obama’s urbane, metropolitan, social-conscious, victory over the Republican cowboy. Common sense over common simple. Practical over pretend.

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  1. Most of them have never seen the inside of a construction site or a farm. Aren’t used for much hauling besides hauling the overfed owner to McD______ damned if I’ll give them more advertising.

    In Texas there’s a license, insurance and registration (and inspection) loophole called “Farm Vehicle” which is well on it’s way to becoming an expensive joke.

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