The Myth of The Man Barack Jesus Obama

snakehandlers‘Instead we hold our breath in awe of a capable man who will surprise us with his resourcefulness.’ No we don’t, Eric.
In this statement that you made, you are trying to reaffirm here what I would call ‘The Myth of The Man’, a myth that is almost Christian religious in its origins and outlook. Barack Obama and Jesus Christ are two myths of omnipotent men that simply beg out for challenge to the myth, not affirmation of them.

In the reincarnated, Barack Obama version of The Myth of The Man, Obama is expected to act God-like just like Jesus,’Son of God’, was once expected to perform miracles. These miracles include rising from the dead, curing the dead, walking on water, and stopping The Empire’s Wars against the actual interests of The Corporate Empire that just put him into its highest office! We are told, as Eric postulates in his comment, to be expecting surprises from this ‘resourceful’ SuperMan, who is godlike in his perfection, expected to rise up from his death-like corporate government bureaucratic surroundings, and expected to perform miracles for the common folk who he has come to rescue from the sins of Power!

The current Myth of The Man depends on all of us to express FAITH, just like over at New Life Church much the same also is asked of Followers. We are asked to suspend judgement by Church Ladies, too. And our very own Reverend MC Thomas is out there shouting that Satan has now been cast out from The Temple of Power! That Fascist Satan is gone he screams! Burn his dead body!

What does all this FAITH, HOPE, sense of Being God’s Messengers in HISTORIC moments imply about the consistency of the on focus message of ‘Not My Tribe’? That there is Myth of Middle Ground’? All this Hoopla for Jesus… no I meant Barack….. shown here, demonstrates religion to me. Political Religiosity, but religious fervor none the less. Hold the snakes in hand and pray for Obama?

OUCH!!!!! You are going to get bit!

5 thoughts on “The Myth of The Man Barack Jesus Obama

  1. Tony, you’re the only one pretending that Obama is Jesus, a ridiculous assertion by any standard. Obama is a well-educated, articulate, intelligent and competent man. That alone is wildly inspiring to those of us who admire such traits. You are threatened by high achievement and idealism, but it would be super duper cool if you could construct a post telling the readers what you do admire or what high ideals you espouse.

    You’ll find yourself facing a blank page with nothing constructive or instructive to share, so whinny all you want, you neigh-sayer. Or better, just leave the page unmolested, its potential unspoiled by your dark pointless rants.

  2. How pathetic, Marie. Once again you have addressed no point political here, bu\t merely resort once again to insults, threats, and name calling to back up your belief in the Democratic Party as societal savior.

  3. My point is real simple, clear, and was easy enough that you found it already, and it is that Obama and most of you rank and file voting Democrats are not about to change anything. As to your threat, this is it below and I took it to mean that you will try to do as commondreams did when faced with comments against the Democratic Party. Try to shut the comments down as best you can.

    ‘You’ll find yourself facing a blank page with nothing constructive or instructive to share, so whinny all you want, you neigh-sayer. Or better, just leave the page unmolested, its potential unspoiled by your dark pointless rants.’

    I really don’t know what to say when I am faced by listening to you ask what protest against war has to do with anything? I think that you are utterly clueless in short, and that leaves you with nothing more than insults, threats to silence what you don’t want spoken, and character assassination.

    I will continue to comment about how basically rotten the Barack Obama crowd is as I see them. Your own personal nastiness will not do anything other than make things nastier for it. You don’t actually think that I am going to just shut my mouth while you rant on in the hateful manner that your are doing, do you?

    You are going to feel awful damn foolish in the next couple of months IMO as Obama reveals his political program fully and clearly for those, like you, that are wearing blue tinted glasses. A little bit of fore sight on your part would make it a little less painful for you later. But like I said, I think that you are basically clueless, as your comment about not understanding why protest against war has anything to do with anything showed rather clearly.

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