Retaining Gates slam dunks the deluded USA liberals

barack-obamaOh those poor deluded liberals! All that ‘hope’ for ‘change’ and look what it got them? Obama asks Gates to stay at Pentagon
No talk of getting out of Iraq now, and the Democratic Party ‘Peace’crats simply don’t have a Plan B beyond turning out the vote again and again for DP politicians who always give them the shaft once they are elected.

No talk of a rejection of the Bush Administration’s criminality and use of torture from Barack. He just rubber stamped it all OK with his choice of Robert Gates being allowed to continue in the position provided for him by Dubya. No change at all. You can shoot down rapproachement with the Russians, too, since it simply was no fluke when Georgia was prompted to attack the Ossetian allies of Russia. The Democrats were on-board all along with the Republican Administration initiated aggression. Hello, New Cold War.

What is left for the Democratic Party liberals to hang onto now? Sure, they can continue to play the fools (though they do not play the fool so much as they just simply are fools), and most will continue to look for some sort of sugar coating on the policies of the Democratic Party Administration, but there is none really. The chumps that told us to vote Democratic Party like it was some sort of religion of theirs will simply be inactive, inactive, inactive in the weeks and months ahead. They have nothing really much left to say.

This was all so easy to see ahead of time, but the ‘Peace’crats don’t want to stand out of the American crowd, and actually denounce US foreign policy in an effective manner. They wanted to just go out and vote even though the voting is rigged to keep power in power. The voting is rigged to just rotate back and forth between the Democrats and Republicans, both of which do mostly the exact same things.

The US Left needs to just say goodbye to the duplicitous intellectual leaders that now control the Antiwar Movement. It’s time to say goodbye to the United for Justice and Peace Democrats and build an effective Antiwar Movement that will build large and continual national mobilizations against The War that just keeps on going, and going, and going. I told you so. Hate me for that if you want? Voting when The System has rigged the vote before hand, is simply not really voting. It takes action to do that, and action that is outside of electorialist play acting.

1 thought on “Retaining Gates slam dunks the deluded USA liberals

  1. Most Democrats will now just go into the same blind partisan mode the Republicans have been in for the last 8 years, refusing to believe what’s right there in front of them, declaring Obama to be “the greatest president in history” (just like the GOPs did a few years ago).

    Our “democracy” is a sham. It’s worse than Orwell could have ever imagined.

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