Nicaraguan transport strike Made in USA

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA- We crossed into Nicaragua from Costa Rica last week, unprepared for a national transportation strike that had just begun. The cause of this strike is simply that gas prices are going up rapidly, and gas is currently 50-70 cents a gallon more expensive here than in the US. Who is to blame for this according to the Nicaraguan US-lackey press? Is it Shell Oil, the US government, or the multi-national energy cartels? Why NO. They blame Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Daniel Ortega at home for the price discrepancy! That is the misinformation that comes about from corporate monopoly control of the media, which is certainly the case in Nicaragua.

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2 Responses to Nicaraguan transport strike Made in USA

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The strike continues to cripple this country of 6 million PLUS people, causing hardship all around. In the years ahead the world will begin to see more of his type of sufffering caused by skyrocketing demands for oil, and the decreasing low priced availability of it. It is a scary future we all face together, though the poor will get hit first and, as always, worse. This oil shortage will cause all goods to sky rocket in price as it is doing at present in Nicaragua.

    Capitalism in Nicaragua is pure unadulterated corruption and organizes nothing very well, as even minimal efforts to indepedently run the country are met with international repression from the imperialist countries headed by the US. It is sad to see the children, old, and sick here left in such horrible poverty.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The strike has been temporarily settled with President Daniel Ortega agreeing to partially discount gas to some major users of it, like bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc. That has opened up for now, the striker´s barricades that were blocking the nations roads. Who knows what next week will bring though?

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