Springs Dems rally downtown in force

COLORADO SPRINGS- A street party atmosphere prevailed downtown as local Dems formed a line over five blocks long to see the presumptive next First Lady. El Paso County may want to be conservative, but this afternoon the police had to treat the Democrats like VIPs.

LaylaWe stood to the West of the City Auditorium with our antiwar banners, keeping our distance from the anti-abortion and pro-Palin sad puppies.

Once again Colorado Obama supporters voiced their agreement with our slogan to stop funding the war. As per usual, Tony raised his voice about the less obvious antiwar theaters of Afghanistan, Somalia, Haiti, etc. With Layla in tow to reinforce the KIDS NOT BOMBS mantra. Still without upsetting most.

campaign workerEventually, one campaign official and then another approached us politely to inform us that we had to leave their sidewalk. Naturally we declined since we were not obstructing the public right of way. The second more animated worker went to confer with CSPD officers, who must have advised her to let us be.

No really. I remember hearing about GOP handlers in 2004, pretending to speak with the authority of the Secret Service, telling activists who could or couldn’t participate. I didn’t think I’d have a chance to laugh off that kind of self-important condescension from slickly dresses Democrats too.

Soon enough however, a city utility truck was stopped adjacent to where we were standing, his engine idling as if to test our determination with his exhaust. Most unfortunately, he blocked the visibility of our banner.

We stood our ground though because we could see that TV cameras were mobilizing around us for upcoming developments. It turned out we were ideally situated, perhaps less ideally for the organizers, to greet Mrs. Obama as she visited the outdoor crowd.

Springs Democrat overflow
Michelle Obama spent a good deal of time shaking hands and listening to personal encouragements. Let’s just admit that she was as gracious and eloquent as her husband.

Tony gives interview
Tony gave a lengthy interview to Hungarian reporters touring with the Obama campaign. They assumed he was a McCain-leaning counter demonstrator, and so were pleasantly surprised to hear we were actually Green Party Cynthia McKinney advocates. Andy stopped by before rejoining the queue to enter the auditorium. A number of the Springs quasi-extant peace community were in line for the Obama rally, sadly minus any peace paraphernalia to give them –or it– away. Gobama! (Hope for Peace?!)

Catholic vote
Next we decided to have a little fun with the anti-abortion contingent who’d occupied the center of the street. We were in general agreement that there are issues more important than the price of gasoline.

Blocking our message
But they weren’t interested in our expanded message of saving the already-born too, and moved to block our signs.

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1 Response to Springs Dems rally downtown in force

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Actually, there is nothing ‘less obviouser’ about my sign that read AFGHANISTAN OUT NOW. It was quite clear and plain to all that I was opposing the Democratic Party platform of Barack Obama which wants to put yet more troops into occupying another country’s national territory. Obama is for more US troops in Afghanistan to terrorize people there, and everybody knows it.

    Inside, the group of sheep herded there were told to spout the Pledge of Allegiance to the United State of America blah, blah, blah. Their crowd Loyalty Oath to more US militarism, war, and terrorism directed against others who are told to ‘turn the other cheek’ by the religious pacifist/ DP voters who were present inside that rally.

    The backdrop for the Michelle, My Belle event was 2 giant American flags with the banner between them that stated ‘Pro-Military Pro-Obama’! Yeah, right. The US military lives on war against defenseless countries though, doesn’t it?

    Instead of my signs being allowed inside which would have run counter to the pro-militarism message of Barack Obama, there were a few vetted signs of ‘Veterans for Change’ and ‘I voted for Change’ alongside tons of just signs reading ‘Obama’ or ‘Barack’.

    The local so-called Justice and Peace Commission’s forces were totally de-commissioned that day, and those of them in line just looked sheepish as I went by trying to get the chant of NO MORE WAR going. In fact, they were quite as church mice and nary a PEACE sign in their hands. They’re a pretty shameless lot, and only a few teenagers broke free from the donkey herd once again just like in Denver last Sunday, and actually managed to open their mouths with an antiwar chant for a brief moment. Good for them! I doubt that the kids can teach their parents much though? These donkeys are sheep.

    My kid had a simple enough message for all. KIDS NOT BOMBS

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