ACLU opposes the illegal government group punishment of Eldorado parents

“While we acknowledge that Judge Walthers’ task may be unprecedented in Texas judicial history, we question whether the current proceedings adequately protect the fundamental rights of the mothers and children of the FLDS,” said Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas, in a statement.

While the ACLU “deplores” crimes against children, Burke said that “constitutional rights that all Americans rely upon and cherish – that we are secure in our homes, that we may worship as we please and hold our places of worship sacred, and that we may be with our children absent evidence of imminent danger – have been threatened” by the state’s actions.

Lisa Graybill, legal director for the ACLU of Texas, said officials may have violated the U.S. Constitution and state laws in how they conducted the raid and the subsequent custody hearing.

“The government must ensure that each mother and each child in its custody receives due process of law in determining the placement of the children and other matters regarding the children’s care,” she said in the statement.

And still there are no criminal charges brought against any of the parents for supposedly abusing their children as the press has alleged for almost 2 weeks now! Shame on the State of Texas and US Federal Government.

We Americans are innocent until proven guilty no more it certainly seems…

5 thoughts on “ACLU opposes the illegal government group punishment of Eldorado parents

  1. I’m glad the ACLU has finally weighed in. But could they be any wimpier? …we question whether… I mean, come ON. If there was ever a clear violation of civil liberties and due process, it’s in El Dorado.

    What’s happened to the fire-breathing ACLU that used to piss me off so much in my conservative youth?

  2. The fire breathing ACLU? Well, I was with one of these dragons just this week at a meeting where the police and one of the city’s attorneys laid out that they were to force all protesters to enclose themselves in a tiny ‘free speech zone’ set quite away to the side of the entrance to the State Democratic Convention. The cops said it was all to better protect us!

    Aren’t they just so kind? So what did this dragon of the local ACLU do? He made it clear that he was ready to meet with the police again, anytime they might beckon and call! Gosh! The ACLU wants to protect protesters, too! So they join hands with the police, drape American flags over their podiums, and talk ‘constitutionality’ in the abstract.

    You are right, Marie. This is a pretty limp group of fire breathing legal dragons supposedly on our side. I’ve seen more fire coming from an outdoor grill just washed down with a hose.

  3. 31 and why the number will change.

    First we know that Math is not the strong suite at Texas CPS. I have not been able to keep up with their body count.

    Second problem is the age grouping. 17 is the legal age of consent so why is it included in any of these reports?

    Third problem is CPS coercion. Ages are being based on the statements of the prisoners. We have 20 mothers faced with being 18 and forcible separated from nursing children or being 17 and allowed to stay with their children.

    Finally the fact that 31 was solemnly published as fact without critical evaluation tells me it is propaganda published by the state.

    Texas is in deep yogurt.

  4. Yo,
    Hope the ACLU does get into it with Texas. This is a very clear case – the nut woman from Springs that called in – how could the police act on that? She needs to be locked up. Have to agree with you peace folks. This is a sad time for us all, liberals and neocons.

  5. The courts have finally begun to function a little in the unconstitutional raids on this religious sect´s kids, as today the judges admitted that the evidence to take kids LEGALLY away from their parents in mass just wasn´t there.

    Still missing in action are the liberal Democratic Party oriented web sites like Common Dreams and alternet. Alternet has even applauded these raids in several commentaries published!

    The inability to defend civil rights in this country is only matched by Democratic Party liberals inability to mobilize their lazy asses to attend demonstrations in opposition to the war. Instead, they mobilize themselves to vote for a party that is for the war!

    The raid against this pathetic Mormonite fringe cult is another political milestone backwards in this country, just like the legalization of torture approved by the courts was. It is shameful that liberals just do not seem to get it.

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