The Democrats will change things?

Barney FrankAs the US government has used taxpayers money to bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, many liberals have seen this as only yet another sign of Republican Party perfidy. But look at Barney Frank, Democrat for a second. His job is Chair of the Financial Services panel since the Democrats took the leadership of the House in 2007. What’s he been up to during this bailout sale of US Treasury dollars?

Many think that by Barney Frank being an openly Gay member of the US Congress has made him the epitome of radical liberalism, but there is a different story out there than the spoon fed media’s image for us. Check out “Equality is not good”
Barney Frank and the putrefaction of American liberalism
to see the real Barney Frank story.

So here is Mr. Liberal Democrat, Barney Frank, helping bail out the big guys with the small guys’ money. Are you really that surprised at his role as Democratic Party leader in championing inequality that benefits the well-to-do? Is any of this surprising any more after all the Democrats support to the Republican agendas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and building a bigger military-industrial-security State? Then I got some property to sell you in the swamp, Dudes.

Hey! The Democratic Party/ Obama Campaign HQ has already beat me to it!

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