The Economic Meltdown Was Staged As an Act of Class War

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The Kleptocrats are pulling the biggest heist in world history. They created money out of nothing, and are now dumping all that worthless paper on the taxpayers. The Robber Barrons took the money and ran, and are now planning their next, even bigger, heist.

Even arch conservative Bill Kristol is balking at the trillion dollar heist being pulled on the taxpayer. And he isn’t the only one.

Know them by their fruits. McCain’s campaign manager made $2 million blocking regulations for the mortgage “industry.”

McCain: “I’m glad I deregulated Wall Street.”

Fed Chairman and Treasury Secretary told Senate on Friday that complete meltdown of our entire financial system is just days away. Or, as John McCain would say, “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Just not in our favor. And their “rescue plan” is likely to finish off our economy all together. All because, 8 years ago, half the voters thought it would be cute to vote for the guy they’d like to have a beer with. Maybe America deserves to fail.

Bare market. Fed moves to rescue Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

USA is collapsing just like USSR. It’s now unavoidable, the only question is, what comes after?

John McCain (KKK Party) scapegoats blacks for financial crisis. Oh, and BTW, Obama is black, so he must be in cahoots!

Non-elitist John McCain owns THIRTEEN cars.

One swindle after another. McCain thinks a market-based reform of the health care crisis is called for, since that worked so well with Wall St.

Saturday Night Live skit reveals the truth about the McCain campaign better than all the news networks combined.

Judge orders Cheney to preserve records. As if he’s ever obeyed the law before.

NASA to hold press conference Tuesday about death of our solar system.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Sept 22 notes,

1 thought on “The Economic Meltdown Was Staged As an Act of Class War

  1. The market melt down looks like a real train wreck in slow motion. I think initially it was staged and then the crash lost control. It is true the government assisted wall street in creating money out of nothing. It has always worked that way. Money is not in existence until a transaction requiring it occurs. You could call it medium of exchange theory. money does not exist and never did. What you think you see tallied in your bank account or brokerage account is as close as you will ever get to seeing money and at the same time it is a phantom of your imagination and everyone elses. from your bank account it only exists at the moment you use it to pay for something. when you sell something and get money it just a credit on your account. It is hard for a thing to be more abstract than money.

    The financial melt down simply means that figures on everyone’s accounts are suddenly ambiguous in meaning . are those figures there or are they not? that is what the melt down is all about. when credits turn to debits suddenly as with some accounts related to mortage lending and relending then negative numbers start to cancel out positive numbers, foreclosures happen. Borrowers find they cannot pay back lenders and the lenders also happen to be creditors. I am not sure who staged what . I do know that the bush admin destabilized the market by allowing the US dollar to get scapegoated as being “over-valued” The us dollar is still , crisis or no crisis, the real key world currency even in the crisis. A Euro has no conversion value if the dollar disappears along with outher currencies. curriences are tied together by numbers ratios that move around. Euro’s have no more gold conversion basis than the US dollar, nor the yen. so when numbers start looking funny in one country the same can happen in many other countries. The euro and the yen were propped up as it happens by us based mortgage securities to some degree so watch out for more currencies falling.

    You may not like the fact that big banks and wall street have tied up financial markets in knots and you might not like that that some big firms were leveraged as much as 30 times what their equity capital is but as it happens washington made it a gov private partnership with these institutions via fannie mae and fredie mac and if the governments contractors go belly up and fail like dominos one morning we will wake up and what the hell happened when the earth seems to stand still with money completely incomprehsible. I think that has already occured with the markets bouncing up and down . The government could do something if it wanted to it could change the date. Since most financial records are dated we could just turn back the clock to an arbitraroy date before the account and make everyone whole in their investments to that date and go on again without the crisis. as soon as the panic crisis mentality goes away the crisis subsides. There are lots of signs that the economy has not tanked and is still moving foreward. It does seem like a lot of the news media is fiction.

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