The mixed up Peace Community

The Peace Community is just plain mixed up. They are always ‘commemorating’ false anniversaries, and have a great ability to count by thousands (though not by hundreds of thousands, or millions). ‘This is the 5th year of The War, and this is 4,000 down, etc. and yada, yada, yada’ …, however, they don’t really seem to have even a clue.

What I am getting at, is that The War date to remember really is January 17, 1991. That’s when the US went to war with Iraq. That’s the date the Peace Community should be commemorating, but doesn’t, simply because most of those years the so called Peace Community was MIA, or advocating even a US war against Yugoslavia. Congratulations, People, you are really on the ball! You were to busy with the Rush Limbaugh War those days, I guess?

Even now, many of the clueless people want to go campaigning to stop the Olympics, save the Fur people and give them a Dar, and to chop off a fifth of Chinese territory and make a new country out of it. Whoopeee!!!!!

Let’s think about the US some more, shall we? When did the US government go to war with the Afghan people? Come on, Peace Buddies! Hey, was it way back when Osama was still considered a Freedom Fighter? You guys are really quite clueless! Even today, you hardly are campaigning for America to end that war, now are you?

And when did the US go to war against Iran? Hey, wasn’t that back when Saddam Hussein was our government’s good friend? See the Wikipedia some about our history here… The Gulf War

Shoot, that was when most of the Peace Community was part of the porra (cheerleaders) for Daniel Ortega and team. They didn’t really have time to think about how Saddam was being backed by the US government to wage war on the Iranian people. They didn’t have time, as they took their revolutionary vacations elsewhere.

Yes, the Peace Community is just mixed up most of the time. So this election year, we’ll keep that in mind. Americans are always on Cloud Nine…. for an eternity it seems. And that includes the Peace Community. If I they didn’t forget to oppose the Drug War so much even, they might not be so drugged out? Who knows?

I guess what I am saying with this rambling rant, is that it is so sad that much of the Peace (and Justice, too) Community misses about 99% of what goes on around them, about 99% of the time. The corporate media just screws with their minds too much for most to follow what goes on in the world. The Peace People can see that in the conservative element of the population, but is quite oblivious to their own propensity to be manipulated, and about 99% of the time.

It certainly is frustrating to try to work with these people. It might be easier to work with Jehovah’s Witnesses, or some other hard-to-have-success project? Lord only knows? But I continue to work with Unitarians instead. It’s a Unitarian Peace Community.


2 thoughts on “The mixed up Peace Community

  1. It’s on the level of Preaching to the Choir, Preaching to the Amen Pew (with Sister Bertha-better’n you) and ministering to those on Sinner’s Row.

    Can’t much plead a case for anybody other than myself, or I’d probably be a high-priced Lawyer with an office in Tandy Towers …

    But at least some of them are starting.

    A lot of people don’t get the message when Somebody Else is the one dyin’…

    Cindy and her experiences should teach us that… but Cindy has been joined by 3,999 other mothers now.

    Maybe if these 4,000 can open at least one Mothers Eyes, one father urging his son not to sign the damned papers because… well, there’s always the case of Casey, right?

    Apparently, that message, at the very least, is being slammed home.

    You can see it in the New Recruitment ads, the Army is getting really desperate.

    They’ve been doing that “Mom, Dad, When your KID wants to join the Army, sign the papers for him, M’kay?” shit for nearly two years now.

    The youngest they can legally waiver a KID into the killing machine is 17… and once the KID turns 18 he don’t need mom’s permission to join.

    The Army is trolling for kids. Seriously, really, Kids.

  2. So let them have their 4,000…

    In the i-ching it’s “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”.

    So far, we’ve put 4000 steps into it, then the ripples outward from that.. pretty soon, (I hope) we might be able to put Iraqi faces to that number as well, and people will know what the hell we’re saying.

    “our” 4,000 kids, 4,000 of “their” kids, sooner or later somebody, maybe a lot of somebodies, notices that’s 8,000 KIDS killed… Even if the kid is a 50 year old hard-bitten sergeant who’s been the veteran of several kid-killings.

    Some of them haven’t prepared to see the “enemy” as being humans… yet…

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