The officials in New York State help murder immigrants in Suffolk County

marcello luceroWhen it comes to murderous racism, Louisiana doesn’t have anything up on Suffolk County, New York State. Here on Long Island, officials have a long history of acceptance and promotion of racial intolerance leading to murder. The latest case started out like this…

A friend who said he had been hanging out with the seven defendants in the park that night said there had not been much in the way of a plan before the group set out.

“We were just chilling, having a few beers,” said the friend… and then they set out to ‘fuck some Mexicans up’.

These racists were quite typical in that they didn’t know their ass from a hole on the ground. The Latinos living in their area are mainly Ecuadoran and are not from Mexico at all. So their victim, as in many of these same sort of hate crimes, was a person from a totally different group of people than from the supposed target group…. Mexicans. These teenagers murdered Mr. Lucero, who had come to the United States to help support his family in Gualaceo, Ecuador. They knifed him in the street in cold blood without any provocation at all.

So what do the scum bag local officials do? They admit that it was in fact a hate crime, but in Suffolk County these officials turn premeditated murder into ‘first degree assault’ and ‘first degree manslaughter’ charges. See Hate-crime death highlights racial tensions in Suffolk for additional information about this.

Notice if you read the news article, that a certain County Executive Steve Levy is at the center of the racism in Suffolk County, but won the majority of the Latino voters. How did that happen? It happened because he is from the Democratic Party though the Democratic Party has anti-immigrant policies as bad as the Republicans. Hispanic voters had to choose their County Exec from the locked up and undemocratic, supposed lesser of 2 evils. Actually, he last ran unopposed except for the Green Party candidate, and the Democratic Party and the Sierra Club have promoted this guy as being Mr. Green.

But there is another side to Steve Levy, and it is his racist campaigning against the immigrant community, a campaigning that animated these teenagers who wanted to ‘fuck up some Mexicans’. Ramirez: Levy has blood on his hands So did Steve Levy, if it helped get him elected?, which it did.

Steve Levy says that he did not want murder to occur, but with the long history of racist violence in Suffolk County, this is just a tad disingenuous on his part. Murder could easily be foreseen, but Levy chose not to give a damn. He hated immigrants too much. Here is what the New York Times had to say about him a year ago… Long Island The Riddle of Steve Levy

In some ways, Democratic Party politicians Steve Levy is a microcosm of the entire Democratic Party, one which has gone along with the Bush Administration racism for a long, long time. Yes, the party is embarrassed by it, but they are addicted to the racism and share it, too. Meanwhile, Mr Lucero is dead. Long Island ‘lynch mob’ killed our American Dream

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  1. You left out the other perpetraitors of fascism in Suffolk County, NY: Suffolk County District Attorney Anthony Spota (formerly the attorney for the Suffolk County, NY Police Union), who has prevented other victims from seeking charges against assailants; and who has aided and abetted many a hate crime by refusing to charge the asailants; in fact, has charged the victims with false crimes.

    It is well known, if you seek charges against a Caucasian attacker in Suffolk County, WITH EVIDENCE, you are looking for trouble, ‘drop this – or else.

  2. Long entrenched in preserving fraternal version of order, maintain power over constituents, and press its racist, misogynistic ideology on the populace, it is also a fact that the KKK infiltrated the police force long ago to advance its mission. FBI knows this too.
    In further this ideology, and perpetuating the climate of fear – hate crimes, sexual violence crimes are not pursued when committed against minority women and girls- instead there is countless false arrests and accusations of minorities, women and anyone who dares go against them happens to try and intimidate and maintain semblance of social order where racism, sexism, abuses of minorities groups is okay and allowed. According to powers that be in this county, the constituents rights are none, using the crony network of guns for hire, thee right to harass and malign is supreme. Laugh in your face as they rip everyone off, use fake fines to fill coffers, buy off judges with golf club admissions, they all play along.
    The mentality of these types is that the Institutions are theirs and theirs only and are there to only replicate their hateful values. What women or other groups want for their communities is of no consequence or consideration. Some progress has been made since the days of schools run by ex-military GI-Bill type administrators were the attitude is also part of the fraternal order paternalistic attitude towards violence against minorities, women and girls. By turning a blind eye to the abuses, by never obtaining services or spending any amount of funds, time, or attention in helping these populations until Title X kicked in. All of sudden it appears they want to go backwards because their power base feels threatened of losing control, of everyone getting along, of women having a say, of minorities being too uppity and calling the abuses out. These are figureheads that show up, do nothing and are paid nonetheless. Three secretaries to one suit does all their work, the suit they wear only has to look good and district tax payer money gets thrown at them. Complain about escalating costs to school boards, cps will be called. Meanwhile buildings look like crap and are falling apart, but the end of year budget excess is paid out to administrators as if it its a private corporation and not the not-for-profit that it is. They are robbing taxpayers blind every day, every single day, take a second or third job to have to pay the overbearing costs of multiple layers of corrupt governance. And what do they do with that money? Attack immigrants as IF their the cause of the problem when they themselves are the problem. Divert and distract is the name of their game, make believe they are doing something about non existent problems and pay them more for doing it. Fear sells.
    Essentially, what can be observed here is fraternal orders of men who benefit from their positions in those organizations and are solely there to get taxpayer funded pensions, perks and benefits – are there to explode budgets, demanding raises the private sector never gets, exploding property tax costs until homeowners can no longer afford it, causing many to move out of state and away from the oppressive environment that is Suffolk county.
    This pattern of abuses, corruptions, indictments and investigations in to corruption of the county helps explain and help outsiders understand better the why behind the name Suffolk – it is as “suffocating” as it sounds to live here – unless you are part if the “”in” group that is willing to take shit and kiss up to these creeps. No Thanks!

  3. Sort of like here and Ft Worth.. not really.. the “sort of like” statement softens the hard truth. Our mayor here, Suthers, was the Gestapo Uberfuhrer aka Attorney General of Colorado and made damned sure the PIGS never get punished for their crimes, especially murders of “fleeing suspects” and prisoners. Coward scum killed Michael Marshall, an mentally ill inmate who was killed in November 2015 by Denver Sheriff Dept and John Walter in 2014 in Fremont County murdered by Sheriff Officers Corporal Maas and Hudspeth and Sgt Greene with the help of the Correctional Health “care” corporation and Fremont County paramedics… and the Attorney General’s office. Marvin Booker in a jail office because he came out of his cell without putting on his shower shoes. Fucking pigs, in all cases. If your loved one dies in a jail in any state but especially Colorado, you can bet a thousand percent of your ass that the Pigs Did It, Deliberately and for the purpose of pure Powertripping. And Suthers made it easy for them. There’s a pattern of the Cop Establishment paying PUBLIC MONEY, to buy off the Pig ass-holes so they never get charged of a crime. If a PIG gets killed the Sheeple canonize the PIG as though he was a saint.

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