What to do in a Gas Attack

Because the U.S. Police State has reverted to their old habit of using C.S. Tear Gas against Americans.

Unlike Saddam Hussein or the Iraqi Army, the U.S. Gov’t actually HAS been responsible for the death by gas of American civilians (mostly civilians, they’ve used gas at the Military Side of Leavenworth penitentiary as well)

With Tear Gas there’s not too much that can be done, taking a regular Military or Israeli Civilian Issue gas mask to a demonstration is considered “provocation” by the Pigs and they also think it’s an excuse to bust your head open, handcuff you and then hit you several more times while handcuffed, and then charge YOU with assault.

Much like their Nazi predecessors did.

So, the best thing to do is, when you’re in a situation where you feel the Pigs will assault civilians (for the “crime” of disobeying the order to give up their constitutional rights), the vinegar in a bandana routine works a little, minimalizes the damage.

But what of people who AREN’T prepared? The asthmatic who’s a couple of blocks or even a dozen blocks away, for instance, the little old lady with emphysema, the infant in a stroller a block or a dozen blocks away? The Pigs can’t control the wind. And they’re proven to just seriously not give a Damn about the safety of civilians, even those who aren’t involved in the “Crime” of organized free speech.

Best thing is to have trained personnel around to render aid to these people, and to give warning that a Gas Attack is imminent.

One of the clearest signs that such an attack is about to proceed, is when the pigs put on their own protective masks.

A more subtle sign is when they start hustling Pro-Pig politicians out of the immediate area, the counterprotesters for instance.

A much better sign, and it gives you up to 15 minutes to prepare, is when they pull back their Horses and Attack Dogs.

Because their Horses and Dogs are more important to them than the Civilians they’re allegedly sworn to protect. And there’s no possible way to fit a horse or a dog with a gas mask.

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