Two-edged sword of imperative morality

Because there’s the argument that we have a Moral Imperative to make war.

Funny how those wars Usually always involve the Capture of More Wealth for those who insist that it’s our Duty To God to spread our Superior Civilization to the Unwashed Heathen.

When McCain admitted at the end of the 2nd debate that the real reason for the U.S. propping up Georgia was exactly the same as the reason the Russians propped up South Ossetia, … because of the pipeline and which Economic Power would get to run it, and thus make the Other eat crap and die.

Or similar sentiments.

He showed clearly that we didn’t have the Moral Imperative to take up the sword.

And the reverse is true, we didn’t have Imperative Morality.

The necessary Moral High Ground to decide that we must Punish Russia for daring to act in the national interests of Russia rather than that of America.

Nor the same for “our” actions in Iraq. nor, obviously, “our” supposed Moral Imperative to “Force N. Korea and Iran to bend to OUR Imperial Will”

Because, really, when you have to FORCE somebody to bow to your Superiority, …

… you didn’t have any such Superiority to begin with.

That bit about the Unwashed Heathen is basicly a huge joke.

The guys who spew their Hate masked as Noble Concern For the Darker Races, like to point to the Pilgrims.

Not wanting to admit that the Pilgrims needed the Indians more than the other way round, “they were spreading the blessings of English Moderation, Liberty and Christian Enlightenment”…

And one of the things the Savages did which shocked the Pilgrims, the “far superior European Civilization”… was that the Indians actually had the “unnatural habit of bathing regularly”.

Yep, I just took a whole herd of Sacred Cows and lined them up in front of a Belt-Fed Water Cooled Machine-gun.

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