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Best Presidental Quote EVER

Better than Nixon saying (as Vice President) "you won't have Dick Nixon around anymore" Of course he lied. Later he said "I am not a crook!" Again, he perjured. 53251

Tis the season once more….

for the Talk Radio Hate Speech about a "war on Christmas." I don't actually think they're stupid, mind you, they know full well that they're lying... and omitting a HUGE amount of data. 11685

In the dawning of the year 517 A.C.

Like in After Columbus or Apocalypse Came or Anti-Cherokee or Aw, Crap! Theres not Any Chance of getting A Check in the mail today! So there was a pow-wow the other day of First Nations peoples, downtown. Actually theres been quite a few and I havent attended a single one. Right now Im waking up, the last thing I did before crawling into the ol cot at some ungodly Pre-dawn hour was download a Beginner Course in speaking Cherokee. 9955

The G.I. Jihadi Doll…

So my brother was telling me, about a toy that brainwashes little Palestinian and Iraqi and Afghan children into growing up to be Suicide Bombers which is intensely Bullshit on many levels. One is the Fundamentalist Islamic aversion to Dolls, much like the Puritans and Pilgrims lynching people as "witches" for giving kids dolls to play with. 6510

Barack Obama’s billionaire backers

Nothing anybody will say will change the minds today of any of those religious pilgrims going to the Inauguration Day ceremonies in Washington and elsewhere. But who's really calling the shots for Obama? Barack Obama's billionaire backers A day of change in America? Hardly. America still is a deeply divided caste society.

Two-edged sword of imperative morality

Because there's the argument that we have a Moral Imperative to make war. Funny how those wars Usually always involve the Capture of More Wealth for those who insist that it's our Duty To God to spread our Superior Civilization to the Unwashed Heathen. 5240

In praise of Pope Benedict and his boys

The Vatican has updated the list of the seven deadly sins! We are no longer to be concerned only with gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. As if these weren't more than enough! Oh, woe is I. 2815

The latest, boy is it stupid

I was on the bus going to Memorial yesterday. there was a copy of the Omygodzette laying on the seat across from me, open to a section somewhat removed from the headlines... Mr Bush has demanded a cut in Medicare and a quarter trillion for the war. 1015

Lost in translation

Today 345 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia were stampeded to death. Hundreds more were injured. It happened in the frantic scramble of millions of pilgrims trying to edge close enough to three ancient pillars to cast 29 pebbles at them. Or something like that. Before the sun set. 106