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Tibetan suicides versus Indian suicides as reported by US corporate-run press; and then there is Greece, too

By now, most Americans have heard about those young Tibetan Buddhist monks committing suicide as protest against the Chinese control over their region. Tibetan Buddhist monks control the country of Bhutan but they also want control over the areas of … Continue reading

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Top 10 secret armies of the CIA

Found this on the web, will try to retrace provenance, worth a read: The United States have a well known history of providing military support to countries in need. But from time to time, the US Government has provided secret … Continue reading

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Yuppie Feminist Brigade comes to life on behalf of US Imperialism in Afghanistan

It’s impossible to make this yuppie humanitarian interventionist lunacy up on our own, and since we at Not My Tribe have talked so much about Greg Mortenson and his Three Cups of Tea, why not take a quick look at … Continue reading

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Current slaughter in Sri Lanka is part of the spread of war into the greater region

The struggle for justice for the Tamil community in both India and Sri Lanka has taken place for many long decades and at a great loss of live, and like the struggle for justice in Kashmir, has seen the entire … Continue reading

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Tibetans forced to pass Monarchy to son of old King

‘In a massive, whitewashed fort-cum-monastery, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel had the crown, mounted with a raven and adorned with skulls, placed on his head by his retiring father.’ Coronation in the Dragon Kingdom Yes, those Buddhists sure have grand respect … Continue reading

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Top 10 reasons Americans adore Tibet and do not give a shit about Xinjiang

Both the 8,000,000 Uighurs and 5,400,000 Tibetans have it rough inside China where the Han tend to want to run the entire show, so why do Americans adore the Tibetans but don’t give a shit about the Uighurs? There are … Continue reading

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US liberal radicals silent about ‘self determination’ now that South Ossetia and Abkhazia want it

One of the most aggravating things about American (and British) liberals has been how they consistently line up with the US government shouting ‘Self-Determination! Self Determination!’ every time the Pentagon uses some small nationality against another government. When Australia wanted … Continue reading

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On the tea-horse road to Tibet

Lady, lady, I take you today. No ticket! No tourist! I’m standing in the town square reviewing my inventory of polite rejections when, lo and behold, my rogue sense of intuition wrests its way to the forefront and I hear … Continue reading

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Tibet activist manually ejected in HK

With Marie’s focus South in Yunnan Province, we redirect your attention to the Olympic equestrian venues, held in Hong Kong for reasons of disease control. This photograph of Chinese security ejecting Tibet activist Christina Chan may be gratuitous.

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The encirclement of US rivals is apace

“Washington policy now encompasses a series of ‘democratic’ or soft coup projects which would strategically cut China off from access to the vital oil and gas reserves of the Caspian including Kazakhstan. The earlier Asian Great Silk Road trade routes … Continue reading

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Opening ceremonies of Beijing Olympics star humanity in his own flea circus

Can you remember an Olympic Games opening ceremony that was not spectacular? Suffice it to say Beijing was the biggest, befitting the world’s most populous nation. “Awesome” provides perfectly qualified praise. I have to say this spectacle invoked colossal horror … Continue reading

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Who should cast stones at the Chinese?

Activist hung this FREE TIBET banner in Beijing. To whom is it addressed? It’s in English.   I’ll say it again. I would leave criticism of the Chinese over Darfur, Burma and Tibet, to advocates with some moral authority. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Beijing extracurricular Olympic schedule

I have a last-minute, refocused interest in a safe and not-too-disrupted Beijing Olympics. It’s already been unofficially eventful. Here’s a time line of the counter-Olympics leading-up to the Opening Ceremonies. The Gazette is in Beijing. So are we! OC -5: … Continue reading

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China’s Olympic image makeover redux

I replaced the dancing figure in China’s Olympic emblem with the red motorcycle crushed by tanks at the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The heavy red outline around the figure above the official Beijing 2008 logo resembles a Chinese written character, but … Continue reading

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Tiananmen Square before Olympic spirit

Human rights activists are crying foul about China’s role in Tibet and Burma. Here’s a illustrated time-line of the events which led to the totalitarian repression of the Tiananmen protests of 1989. Reprinted from Christus Rex. Beijing Spring -A look … Continue reading

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Will.i.am boycotts Olympic boycott

“If you boycott China, when do they boycott America for what we’re doing in Iraq?” Good question, Will.i.am. Another good question by Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas is, Where Is The Love? Yes, the Black Eyed Peas will perform … Continue reading

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Madelyn Albright, Hillary Clinton, Iran, Iraq, NATO, and Darfur

Madelyn Albright is one of the big pushers for the ‘Save Darfur’ crowd to get that intervention into place against Sudan, to supposedly stop genocide. Some genocides this woman opposes, and others she helps cause. She loved Slick Willie’s economic … Continue reading

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Kosovo was the Democrats’ prep for Bush’s attack on Iraq

Nobody in America hardly talks about Kosovo these days. Remember that place? It was the hysteria of the moment for liberal Democrats who cheered on Madelyn Albright and Slick Willie Clinton (husband of Hillary) as they took us to war … Continue reading

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Chinese respond in protests against Western government’s anti-Chinese campaign

The beginnings of Chinese protest against the racist campaign against China and the Chinese by Western governments and their corporate press have begun. The Chinese simply don’t want to be subjugated by Europeans and the US ever again. See the … Continue reading

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Manitou Springs tribute to my mother

MANITOU SPRINGS- (Last night my mother Kathy Verlo was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Open Space activists at the Manitou City Council. I was overcome by their gracious tribute. Here are the notes I prepared in thanks.)   … Continue reading

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The Dalai Lama in Seattle

The Dalai Lama has just descended from the heavens into a football stadium in Seattle where he gave a seemingly peaceful and non-violent message. His demands for Tibetan autonomy are reasonable enough on the surface, and he has also spoken … Continue reading

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Is the Dalai Lama an intelligence asset?

We know, or should by now, that the U.S.’s own terrorist organization, the CIA, is behind all foreign relation actions and assassinations, mostly of the covert kind. They cover themselves by using NGO’s, front companies, black banks, and contracting services … Continue reading

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How to win the war in Iraq

How to win in Iraq depends on your objectives. With respect to oil and profiteering, US interests could not be better served. If we want to eradicate the Iraqi population, follow the Israel model in Palestine, or Westward expansion versus the Native Americans. Genocide. Continue reading

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Eerie US silence on empty Mogadishu

They want you to concentrate your attention everywhere but here. The media wants you to be outraged about Tibet, concerned about Darfur, hopeful about Obama, and to tough it out with Soldier John McCain and General Petraeus. They don’t want … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Kurds and China’s Tibetans

The Western corporate press is non-stop reporting on China’s suppression of the rebellion by its small Tibetan minority of about 6 million Tibetans, out of a nation of 1.3 billion. Many in the US support independence for a portion of … Continue reading

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