Salvation Army lives off government funding and pushes crazy religion too

Salvation Army kettleThe Salvation Army has steadfastly promoted itself as being a rather saintly organization and is out there every Christmas asking for your donations. Did you know that you already donate to them? That’s right! The Salvation Army, a religious charity, has received millions upon millions of government dollars to help spread their Far Right Wing brand of Christianity far and wide, but most surely off onto the homeless and more dependent populations of our country.

The Salvation Army has gotten much government money obtained through your taxes from all levels of government; local, state, and federal. It has gotten quite a bit of money from the government in Canada, too. Plus, many private corporations give special privilege to the Salvation Army, allowing them into areas with public access that they normally close off to almost all others. Every time you donate free items to the Salvation Army, the government is helping out their religious program by making the donation tax free. So there is a lot of government and major corporate assistance to this Right Wing Christian charity.

The Salvation Army no longer appears to be overtly turning away those who refuse to participate in the religious services at their shelters, but….. The need for Homeless service is nationally very poorly met, so there is still much pressure if you are in need of assistance to appear to fit in with any religious proselytizing done, simply to get any personal favoritism being dished out. And the Salvation Army is an rabidly anti-Gay, anti-Spanish speaking, and pro religious discrimination in their hiring practices. How bad can these Right Wing Christians get with their prejudices? MSNBC reports Salvation Army leader to lose job over marriage
Rules (which) require officers to only marry a person within the organization
Pretty bad, it would seem.

Why are the various government bodies helping promote this sort of stuff with tax monies pulled in from people with multiple religious and nonreligious points of view? By not providing adequate services run by government agencies for The Needy, government is promoting a need to go to these Right Wing Christian run shelters, too. The Christian lobbyists are always out to try to erase any separation of Church and State, and as a result, the Salvation Army keeps on kicking, though most people totally disagree with their brand of aggressive Religious nuttiness. Time to take these outfits off the government dole! There are simply many, many other ways to help The Needy out, and government should be forced to do their job, rather than you just dropping a buck or two into the kettle and going on your merry way.

Transit crash used as excuse for taxpayer-paid LA cop fest

Hundreds attend funeral of LAPD officer killed in Metrolink crash And just why is it that cops get paid to go to this funeral and it makes headlines for the cops?

There were at least 24 other people that have died from this case of poorly constructed mass transit lines and the ensuing crash that occurred, so shouldn’t money go to fix these problems and save lives instead of going to salaries for cops at funerals and advertisement for spending money on yet more thugs in uniforms? We need this money for social services and other government budget items, things like safer mass transit systems funding for example and not more funding for yet more uniformed cop thuggery in this country.

The cops get paid oodles of money for no good reason. The recent events at the Democratic and Republican Party conventions are also illustrative of the excessive Let’s Feed The Uniforms mentality that is bankrupting us around the country. How much was spent for that excessive use of thuggery force by the cops? And what was so damn special about the cop that died in this tragic accident that she merits the city paying its officers to do their thing at this ceremony? What about the funeral expenses of the other who have died? What about the medical care of the injured, many of whom lacked insurance and adequate medical coverage because of that?

This country has its priorities totally screwed up, and this cop fest is just one more illustration of that. It’s time to stop glorifying the cops. It’s time to stop having our money stolen away to deed the cops more and more donuts. They are goons for the rich and only ever marginally ever do anything for the working classes. The community needs to police itself and get rid of this excessive funding that now goes to prisons and uniformed thugs.