Latest Election 2008 news is old news

All the bad news last week provided cover for the breaking of worse news. The Georgia standoff, the Iranian escalation, the dawning climate disaster –what could be a worst development? Lost hope. In election news, pollsters are beginning to tell us this presidential election is going to be close. Wha?! I’ve heard that one before, and so have you.

Wasn’t it just months ago that Obama could do no wrong? McCain was dismissed out of hand. Now they’re tied?! Oh I have no doubt that they’re neck and neck. In media terms, and in ballot counts. It’s plenty easy to forecast what you see coming if you’re going to deliver it. A close race. Like Bush and Gore. Like Bush and Kerry.

What’s expected as a landslide for reform becomes a close race, then a Republican victory, then a count with contestable irregularities, then an irreversible stolen election. So we’re at stage two. Obama’s voice of hope, tidal wave of public disaffection with the DC cabal, is ground to a halt against a heretofore wart on the ugly face of American idiocy. How is it possible? When you watch a magic act, do you ask, how is this possible? Because that’s not in question, is it? It’s not possible. The question is, how did the magician do it.

What have we learned from the past close elections? That we should have tried harder? That we could have given the slightest bit more? Let me ask you, how many more votes did we need to overcome a rigged count? How much larger an exit-poll count would we have needed to dispute the official tally?

News now that this election is going to be close, should be the harbinger of the shell game to come. Concentrate as hard as you like, give as much money to the shills standing around in hope that they will keep a close watch with you, you haven’t figured out the nature of this game.

The fix is in. The old coot is going to win. No mount of Obama TV ads to counter McCain TV ads are going to alter the Diebold, Republican Secretary of State office election fraud. Oh, the polls are dead on. The corporate media is dead on. The election will be close. Ask them what the count will be. They know that already too.

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  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    No, ‘the fix’ is not in. The US corporate ruling class is deeply divided unlike in 2004 and 2000, where they solidly backed having the Republican candidate Bush put into the White House.

    ‘Elections’ in the US are not really about determining the majority opinion of the general voting public itself, but determining which are the dominant sectors of the ruling class and what does the dominant sector of the ruling class want at the time. The popular vote is something only to have the corporate press manipulate so as to then have the favored section of the ruling class be able to put their candidate into office.

    The real fix in American politics is where the corporate sector determines who the 2 possible winners of the office are. That is the fix we need to focus on and get people angry about. At this time though, most Americans still do not really and totally understand that the fix is done in this manner. Until they do, we will all be getting royally screwed by the super rich who run our planet. There is no Democratic Party Saviour out there, who just got the results fixed against him. Al Gore was no such guy.

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