The Democrats are to blame for allowing Bush to attack Iran

Let’s face it, the Democrats are to blame. They are to blame for allowing Israel to attack first Lebanon, and now Syria, and they are to blame for allowing Bush and Cheney to attack Iran, too. This is no real surprise, as they were to blame for allowing Bush to attack Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place, followed by the attacks on Haiti and Somalia.

The Democrats are no real opposition to the Republicans, and their major politicians keep silent on all this violence, even including keeping silent about the US use of torture on POWs captured by the US military.

The Democrats are definitely to blame for the coming attack on Iran. There is absolutely no reason that they should have kept silent all this time, except for when they occasionally opened their traps to be dittoheads alongside the Republicans, speaking out about how they favor an attack on what is a peaceful country. The Democrats are also a political party for mass destruction.

Let’s face it, we have a sick society of sheep. People keep pretending that the Democratic Party is somehow different in its foreign policy positions than the Republicans yet it is just not true. Stop voting for these creeps, PLEASE.

Antiwar people should boycott the elections, not be deluded by them. We don’t have a functioning democracy at all! Work for one, but do not continue to participate in this charade.

Do not vote for any of these Democrats, as you would do better to throw rocks through the windows of their offices than voting for their corporate fed dog politicians. Apologies to my own dog, Harriet.

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  1. Avatar D. Segretti says:

    There are still a few conservative Republicans that line up with the old traditional Republican values, and don’t accept Bush’s corrupt idea of running our government. These honest republicans are considered outside Bush’s circle and they are victimized along with the Democrats. They are falling fast because they are not endorsed by the Bushes and receive little help with campaign finances.

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