Jesus Killed Mohammed, every last one

Bradley Fighting VehicleWith attention now drawn on the evangelical skinheads running amok with the US military’s Big Stick, reporter Jeff Sharlet relates a story in this month’s Harpers, which showcases the fundamental irreligiosity of the capital “C” Crusaders.

The episode Jesus Killed Mohammed takes place in Samarra, Iraq, in 2004, where rascally US Christ fans succeed in goading their crosstown rivals into taking a shot at them, the sooner to be dispatched to the Islamic hereafter by the Christ Gang’s overwhelming firepower. The operation involved painting “Jesus Killed Mohammed” across the side of their Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and having their translator poke his megaphone out the top, giving Arabic voice to the insolent taunt, shouting it up and down the neighborhood until no one was left to speak up for Mohammed.

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The affair reminded me of the Monty Phython skit about the world’s deadliest joke being appropriated for military use across the WWI trenches, which was, if you remember, immediately fatal, combined with the sacrilegious 2005 GWOT strategy which drew so much flak to US special forces in Afghanistan when soldiers burned Taliban corpses to draw enemy ire. The Intelligence Service calls it “tickling:” provoking your opponent into an emotional response to reveal his position. In the Afghan case, the US team violated Geneva Conventions against mutilating the dead. In Sammara the only code protecting the sensitivities of the indignant Muslims was probably the boxing rule forbidding blows below the belt. Perhaps it was the very indecency of the concept which most elicited snickers from the American perps.

In operation JESUS KILLED MOHAMMED, the 1/26 Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division led by Lieutenant John D. DeGiulio, under instructions from the 10th Special Forces Group who called themselves “the Faith element,” drove their Bradleys along the streets drawing fire, one shot at a time, from virtually every door. After each shot rang out, the Bradley would summarily aerate each residence and its inhabitants until “Jesus Killed Mohammed” did not offend anymore.

As Sharlet noted, every Iraqi home is permitted one AK-47 for self defense, so answering the US force’s insolence did not reveal you to have been an insurgent. The infidels were biting their thumbs at the Iraqis from behind impregnable armor, to respond with small arms fire was entirely a matter of honor, and suicide.

7 thoughts on “Jesus Killed Mohammed, every last one

  1. No Christian looks down the barrel of a gun at another living soul. People like this have no idea what it means to serve Christ.

    Love your enemy!!!

  2. Mr. verlo you take artistic freedom to a whole new level. The only thing you got right was the name of the article, the magazine, and my brothers mention.

    First my brother, Captain John D. DeGiulio, is not a member of any organized religion. We both grew up Catholic and left the church in our teens.

    Second, the mission that this is refering to, was a mission to draw fire from another unit that was pinned down. It was a success and American lives were saved. Also, since when are you fired upon in a war do you not return fire? I would also like to know where you got that they “aerated” every door. That was not mentioned in anything.

    You are insinuating a lot with nothing to back you up. You sir are a true master of stupidity. When you write about some one and mention their name at least get the facts straight.

    Jacon D. DeGiulio

    Proud Brother of
    Captain John D. DeGiulio, US Army

  3. Are you kidding me?! I link directly to the Harpers article, it’s a great read, where anyone can judge for themselves the accuracy of my summarization. You might be a little too enamored of your brother to be objective. “Aerate” was a perfectly apt description for perforate with disproportionate firepower.

    But Jacon, there is an alternate option, when under fire: withdraw to safety. Especially if you’re in a land which you are occupying illegally. Disengage and relocate where the populace isn’t shooting at you. (You’re calling me stupid?)

    The Iraqis have the right to defend their country, and their dignity, and it’s too bad we amoral, already-evidently godless brutes will stoop to any ignoble ruse to annihilate them.

    Them’s the straight facts Jacon. We could both be proud of your brother if he quit with the inhumanity and led his boys home.

  4. Eric, Plain and simple what you just described is cowardice.
    If John led his boys home he would be shot for treason and desertion.

    If you are going to state your war opinions and try to back it up with fact, both you and the author of the article you are linking to need to get your facts straight. Our views and opinions don’t matter. What does matter, is that you brought my brother into this argument without all of the facts. You and Sharlet try to describe him as part of the god squad. He did what he did to help his fellow American soldiers, period.

    As far as disproportionate fire power, thats what wins wars. If you want us there our not, we are in a war.

    Jacon D. DeGiulio

  5. Jacon. Your brother is empowered with the right to refuse illegal orders. In fact, it is his obligation to refuse to collude with immoral actions, or be held to account for them himself. In the Nuremberg Trials the Nazis learned it was no excuse to say “I was only following orders.”

    The use of disproportionate power is a war crime, defined by the Geneva Conventions.

    By the way, neither Sharlet nor I assert that your brother was part of the God Squad, but he commanded his men according to their instructions.

    We are in a war of our making, and it is no sign of cowardice to stop making it. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will persist as long as we keep warmongering.

  6. Perhaps you can provide us with some sources for what you say happened in Samarra, Iraq, in 2004, with what you call “rascally US Christ fans”? Perhaps something in the news media?

  7. fuk u jacoff DeGiulio and ur lowlife brother who has to do some bigot ass shitt to get off in his loser robot job in the military, you primitive backward apes burn in ur stupid hell, cuz i’m sure the angels u believe in would luv to piss on ur coward ass heads, u aint brave, it comes from the fact u pose a greater threat than the people you claim are fighting you, when the tables turn, ur ass leaves the country, bitch

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