Jewish Americans close down Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles

Protesters Block Entrances to Israeli Consulate [VIDEO] This is coverage from The Jewish Journal. The same video can also be seen on youtube video Protesters block entrances to Israeli Consulate – Los Angeles, Jan. 14, 2009

More news at the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

4 thoughts on “Jewish Americans close down Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles

  1. I would like to see Arabs protesting Hamas’s miistreatment of Palestinians, too. Teaching Palestinians when they are children to hate Jews, using Mickey Mouse the Jihadist, and teaching them how to fire Kassam rockets and become martyrs is doing far more to destroy the Palestinians by poisoning their minds and preventing them from having normal lives.

  2. And what about the poisoning of Jewish minds from teaching them to fire White Phosphorus at United Nations’ buildings and schools which they run for Palestinian refugees left over from previous Israeli terrorism?

    David, if you continue misrepresenting yourself as an Arab American on this blog maybe we could respond in kind to your falsifications. Moshe… perhaps. But that would be stooping to your level and is quite repugnant to us. You, on the other hand, don’t seem to have any problems with pretending to be what you are not. Why is that?

    You are just like another Zionist drip I have had the misfortune to ‘dialog’ with before. One of the worst in fact, who always used the internet name ‘Abbas’ on another blog though he was the purest of IDF Jewish racist scum. You guys are not all that original, and after a while, seeing you all act pretty much the same is about as instructive as going to too many KKK rallies was in my youth.

    Yes, I did see a few of these KKK events though they have now petered out as this sort of thing as burning bonfires just got worse and worse PR for the Klan. Kind of like Israel’s PR is getting old hat with burning down whole countries all the time, razing down olive trees, and dropping cluster bombs Left and Right. A picture is worth a thousand words, Mr. Zionist Machine Zombie.

  3. Given the life of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated tomorrow in America and other countries, this statement from MLK about Zionism and anti-Semitism is very appropriate…

    “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.”

  4. Funny that you say such. The annual MLK march starts here in Colorado Springs today, and the organizer of it saw us protesting the US-Israel war on Gaza between 1 and 2 pm today and invited us to participate with her and others in it, too. Got to go ‘Dave’! It starts in 30 minutes. Martin Luther King did not like Apartheid States.

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