Racist Jewish Israel keeps killing kids

Israeli terrorism It is a sad state for the world Jewish community to now be about the leading group of racists in the world these days.

Quite simply, Jewish Israel refuses to give equal rights to its Arab population, continues an occupation of Arab Lands with the goal of annexing them, puts Arabs in the occupied territories into ghettos, and runs continual racist pogroms targeting for murder and injury the Arabs under Jewish domination. See Haaretz.com for the latest.. Palestinians: IDF troops wound 9 at boy’s funeral in West Bank They had already murdered the 11 year old boy, but that was not enough for the racist troops of Israel.

What is this Zionism then? The word is RACISM. Racist terrorism like that practiced by Israel and the US breeds a countering terrorism. The Japanese and Germans learned that the hard way in WW2 when the US and its allies responded to racist fascist terrorism by in turn terrorizing German and Japanese civilians.

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2 Responses to Racist Jewish Israel keeps killing kids

  1. Avatar socialist left says:

    wow israel is not like that. stop spreading lies i mean come on what about iran threatening them with nukes and their religious based motives. that land belongs to the jews not arab people i cant believe im hearing this from the leftist wow

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You are not a Socialist Left person at all, but just another one and ordinary Zionist creep instead.

    I get so tired of the game playing you nitwits play on blogs and elsewhere. You people ARE totally tiresome bores, in fact. And what about the nuclear threat that Jewish Apartheid State Israel is to the Muslim countries, Dopey? Why should anybody be so worried about racist Right Wing Jewish Apartheid State as you evidently are? It’s the whole damn world that needs ‘salvation’ and not just the world Jewish community at the expense of other peoples. You Zionists have made the world’s Muslims ‘the new Jews’. Are you proud of that?

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