Israel’s ‘Internet Megaphone’ Psychological war propaganda machine is being used against notmytribe

It seems probable that even NotMyTribe has now come under attack from the Israel war machine via Israel’s Internet Megaphone tool of waging psychological warfare, otherwise known as GIYUS, or “Give Israel Our Support.”
“To check out the power of the megaphone, I logged onto a website called GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) last Wednesday afternoon. More than 25,000 registered users of have downloaded the megaphone software, which enables them to receive alerts asking them to get active online.”

To see more about this military weapon of propaganda being used against American and World bloggers and discussion groups, go to the Guardian article from which the quote above was taken. Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war By Stewart Purvis.

Also see the information below, as it shows how Israeli spamming of antiZionist websites works to spam notmytribe and other sites.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry provides Free Internet Tool to online activists -Arjan El Fassed, The Electronic Intifada, 26 July 2006

Screen image of the website from which the Megaphone desktop tool can be downloaded.

The following letter was sent by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a variety of pro-Israel organisations, so-called ‘hasbara’-groups and other supporters of Israel.

Dear friends,

Many of us recognize the importance of the Internet as the new battleground for Israel’s image. It’s time to do it better, and coordinate our on-line efforts on behalf of Israel. An Israeli software company have developed a free, safe and useful tool for us – the Internet Megaphone.

Please go to, download the Megaphone, and you will receive daily updates with instant links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a talk back, etc.

We need 100,000 Megaphone users to make a difference. So, please distribute this mail to all Israel’s supporters.

Do it now. For Israel.

Amir Gissin

Director Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands that today’s conflicts are won by public opinion. They mobilize pro-Israel activists to be active and voice “Israel’s side to the world.” The Megaphone desktop tool, built by Giyus, which means “mobilization”, sends desktop alerts on key articles on Israel and surveys, online polls where activists could click on the button to support Israel and click alerts to easily voice pro-Israel opinions.

The tool tracks down online articles and polls that members should act upon. After installing the tool, members receive alerts on those articles. With this tool Israel’s Foreign Ministry obviously thought it would help Israel’s fight in cyberspace. However, having used this tool, for others, it is quit useful as well. There is also a weblog and a forum.

For non Windows users and others who would like to to track the alerts being posted via RSS or the Web, visit this page.

Amir Gissin’s letter was posted on July 22 on the website of — an pro-Israel advocacy organization.

63 thoughts on “Israel’s ‘Internet Megaphone’ Psychological war propaganda machine is being used against notmytribe

  1. As much as they laugh at the stupid antics of the Israeli military propaganda people, ‘Dan’?

    It’s just like the Israeli soldiers who just got through testifying against their own military’s actions in Gaza. The stupid antics of your military propaganda software will eventually produce its own whistle blowers, Dudes. Some of you will just get fed up with what you are doing and then the word will get out.

    You can’t hide this stuff anymore than the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld clowns were able to hide their torture use. You are the fools here, not us.

  2. I can believe that Stupid People would be “lol”ing at us.

    Because it’s your only defense against truth.

    The Giyus site says that people questioning the IDF actions are “Attacking” Israel and Jews.

    Does this mean, “Dan” that attempts to refute such opposition as ours would be also considered “Attacks”?

    Since you view OUR opposition and dissent to be “Attacks” and hostile actions tantamount to Warfare against Israel, are YOU, by countering them, ATTACKING your fellow Americans?

    For use of our Freedom of Speech?

    If you follow the links to the Giyus site (you’re probably a subscriber already, but not everybody who views this site is a subscriber to it) you’ll see (in your case “see again”) that sort of violent rhetoric.

    Repeated over and over and over and over and over and over.

    I strongly suspect, “Dan” that your LOL from what you assume to be a position of anonymity, is merely one more reflection of your (stated in the Churchill v Churchill thread) ChickenHawk mentality of “attacking” your Imaginary Enemy from the safety of a New York City Apartment.

    I also believe, Dan, that not many from our side are mocking you, because we have more pity on your Paranoid Condition.

    Like I mentioned in the Churchill v Churchill thread, I feel sorry to hear about your lack of Personal, Physical and moral courage.

    I don’t consider it to be humorous.

    I merely pity you.

  3. Does this mean, “Dan” that attempts to refute such opposition as ours would be also considered “Attacks”?

    There’s nothing to refute with you. You don’t actually say anything of substance, you merely rant and rave.

  4. Apparently YOU’RE taking our opposition to your Terrorist Regime seriously.

    Like a full time job for you, isn’t it, to come here and make your Right Wing assertions?

    Even a Rent Control Apartment like you mentioned in the Churchill v Churchill thread would cost money, probably a lot more money than rent in Colorado.

    You remember the one, where you’re hiding behind your keyboard instead of supporting your Murdering Thugs in person?

    YOU say nothing of substance, dude, or dudette, just publish IDF provided propaganda.

    And make accusations of Insanity when you’re called on it.

    What a pussy.

  5. Mr. Hadad is a Zionist Troll and has nothing to do with Arabs. His lies are handbook material of the internet Zionist propaganda..don’t believe what he sais..

  6. David Y’Srael Hadad is an Israeli Jew. He references this story by the very technology this article mentions. You will find that most Israeli defenders pretend to be American, because it is America that is funding its apartheid aspirations. Often these people use lousy grammar, and poor syntax. The only real racist people are people who declare themselves “God’s chosen.” Very clever tactic, to call those opposed to such hubris racists.

  7. Oh yes, the Jew software developers in Tel Aviv are busy working overtime spying all over the world, infiltrating blogs with their phony propaganda which would make Joseph Goebbels PROUD!

  8. By calling yourself Israel you take the name of God (El) in vain. There’s a commandment against that, you know.
    Fact is’ your Baby Killers in IDF had their propaganda services attacking websites like ours, repeatedly.This isn’t the only thread on which there were automated spam attacks more than two thousand actually, from people who had different names but the same maybe 10 different IP addresses.

    Can you type a hundred words a minute? No? We had several instances of your “non-existent” friends who wanted the world to believe they could type a hundred words a second. We’d get like 5 comments, each agreeing with the others, in less than a second and providing links to IDF propaganda sources, all from the same IP address.
    The same computer in other words. So it’s quite well established that’s what your comrades were doing.

    We’d even get them all day on a Sabbath. You know the one exception to the Law prohibiting work on the Sabbath? Fighting. Yep.

    It doesn’t help the case you’re trying to make that your friends in the IDF were constantly saying that public opinion manipulation (they wouldn’t use that precise phrase) was a major front in your terroristic wars against the peoples of Lebanon and Gaza.

    But go ahead, say it’s fake.
    And to think, some people have to go all the way to Egypt to swim in De Nile.

  9. J. Bavet is a anti-semitic racist who seems to think that the Jewish Israelis are seemingly way too stupid to participate in an ‘info’ war! The Pentagon does it but they are mainly Christians and I guess the Jewish managers of Israel are just genetically too undeveloped as a people in J. Bavet’s anti-semitic mind, to have developed like capacities to lie and manipulate blogs and the press as Pentagon Christians are able to do???

    The anti-semitic minds of people like J Bavet is truly capable of remarkable reaches into unreason.

  10. Remarkable reaches into unreason is the only way to sustain a war, especially across centuries and/or milleninia

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