No Country For Porch Monkeys

New York Post racist cartoon about Connecticut chimpanzeeThe New York Post cartoon conveys a single message, because it certainly wasn’t humor. This is a warning for President Obama, drawn in the form of a thought balloon for public consumption, which has been floated before. White masters kill naughty blackeys. White supremacists hunt upstart niggers. Xenophobic kooks hurt people who don’t look like them. Cops kill ordinary African Americans with complete impunity.

Even black policemen kill innocent black men, on a very regular basis.

Message to Obama: Our corporate-interest jackals can shoot you dead on the street, in the guise of a racist act, and the American public will have thought it inevitable. There will be no inquest to determine if there was a military industrial complex conspiracy behind your assassination. No one will look beyond the lone gunman theory.

Dear Obama, just an unsubtle reminder to toe the line: there is a price to pay for white displeasure.

Hell, it could even be two beat cops with a taser. [This is] No Country For Porch Monkeys.

That’s what this cartoon was about. Somebody call the FBI, because making a threat against the life of the president is against the law.

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8 Responses to No Country For Porch Monkeys

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Must be something in the air.
    We’re awake at 4 on a Sunday morning.

    They’ve put up a lame ass appy polly logy which is more like “hey, you liberals are too thin skinned, why do you see racist behavior in everything Murdoch’s Corporate lie machine prints, just because we have a long history of racist behavior?”

    Not apologizing for Their behavior, but projecting it on anybody who noticed.

    “hey, we’re sorry you’re offended” what the hell is that?

    Actually though, it’s pretty obvious what it is…

    “Our behavior isn’t heinous, but you rebuking us for that behavior is”

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    Now watch the Murdoch Empire try to sue for infringing on the Fair Use of their material.

    Our little mechanical friend says they’re not racists.

  3. Avatar momo says:

    This has nothing to do with Obama… It is basically saying a monkey wrote the stimulus bill, that is why it sucks! Obama did not write the stimulus bill, so get over it!!!

  4. Avatar Dan Chinitz says:

    Obama didn’t even read the damn thing.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Monkeys can’t read. I get it. Hoho

  6. Avatar rick says:

    momo get grip read the frickin article , it says nothing about a stimulus bill . It does however in overtones we dont want this peace of crap idiot Obama screwing up our country anymore . Thats all he has done kfrom day one of the election .

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    How? He hasn’t actually changed anything. The first murmurs of the Health Care package, which is really really NECESSARY, don’t even kick in until next year. But it’s supposedly bankrupted America.

    Military Spending and Police State Spending have bankrupted America. Strange though that the TeaTards want to blame every drop of government spending since really, 1931, on Obama.

    I actually had the “treat” of listening to some Wacko-TeaBag-On-The-Street telling me that shit and that the Health Care package was a vast United Nations Conspiracy noo noo noo noo… noo noo noo noo… At the signpost up ahead, your next stop, the Twilight Zone.

    You know what’s going to kick in long before National Health Care Insurance does in 2014? The bonds that Bush floated to pretend he wasn’t raising taxes to support his wars.

    Yep. They mature next year.

    No taxes during his Regime. Just a bunch of offset taxes that will have to be paid with interest. Sweet fellows.

    But the TeaTards still insist on playing the Race Angle while criticizing Obama. And the religion angle. Not that they’re racists or anything, it’s not Hate, but Heritage, Right?

    They had this stupid joke in Texas that still gets a giggle or three “I don’t hate (blacks), I think everybody should own one”

    “Haw haw haw! Goddam Lee-roy, you sher tell some funny ones, I got to write that one down, soon as I learn how to write!”

    Maybe their assertions that they’re not Racist when they clearly are, would be simply Lying, their leaders are quite well trained in doing so. It’s a choice between that or they really are dumb as a sack of hammers.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, and the ones who published the cartoon made it explicitly clear what their racist agenda is.

    Hey, stupid people, if you get somebody to read this to you, even if Obama WERE a Muslim, (he couldn’t be one secretly so you lost that argument from word one) he would still be president.

    If you managed to stumble onto something that’s
    A) Impeachable
    B) something that Bush would also be impeached for doing, like the Anti-Islam Anti-Freedom Racist Wars…

    Sarah Palin STILL wouldn’t be President. Joe Biden would.

    Sarah doesn’t understand the mechanisms or what the actual job of Vice President of the United States would be, and she said so openly.

    Apparently the Bimbo Dumbo has a large fan club who are equally clueless about Constitutionality.

    Oh, and a bunch of Racist Pricks.

    “It’s not hate, it’s heritage… the heritage of states rights… the states right to use state funds and state powers to force Human beings into perpetual bondage, completely deny them THEIR Liberty, from before they’re even born! That’s not hate, you see, enslaving people and beating them with whips and even killing them, that’s an act of Love and Christian Brotherhood!”

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