“Ollie North warned of Osama threat, Gore scoffed” and other LIES.

Seems even the Coward Colonel wouldn’t attest to this lie
Seems the Truth about it, while widely publicized, just not on certain Right Wing media outlets, would have been too embarrassing.

I received the same email from well-meaning but not-generally-prone-to-researching-stories-before-forwarding-them relatives and friends.

The times Osama bin Laden was mentioned in the Senate hearings on the sale of American Weapons to Iran in order to finance Terrorist Thugs like the Contras and CubanlColombian coke merchants provided a money-laundering and Delivery Service for the Contras and their American-supplied weapons of Church Destruction…

And the Marines killed in Lebanon by people armed by Ollie North, the “Marine”…who sold Real Marines to their deaths…

But the crazy-dazey part of the whole rumor is, when bin Laden WAS mentioned in those hearings…

It was because Ollie and his Demented Murderous Accomplices in Treason called him a Freedom Fighter against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Seems like the Puppet Masters sometimes have too many Marionets going and the strings get a little tangled.

He’s now a contributing editor and host of a show on DumFox Noose Nutwerks.

ChickenHawks run in packs.

There’s also a rumor of a combination of Sesame Street and “Mickey Mouse” on Arabic TeeVee.

Funny thing about that, the entire concept of Talking Animals offends Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Jews AND… Fundamentalist Muslims alike.

It’s part of a concept of Witchcraft called “a Familiar Spirit” usually taking the form of a doll or an animal.

Dolls and other graven images are supposed to grant you power over the person or devil represented in the Image.

A Doll fashioned on an Animal would be particularly offensive.

I knew an Assemblies of God preacher (the same denomination as Sarah Palin attends and pretends) who preached that Walt Disney was going directly to Hell because of his Talking Animals… and that the Wonderful World of Disney teevee show came on at the same time as Sunday evening services.

Cotten Mather, the one who the Right Wing worships like he’s the Right Hand of God, George Bush kept harping on the “city on the hill” sermon… had CHILDREN killed as witches for playing with dolls.

It’s fairly common across Fundamentalism.

What I wonder is, how could the SAME people who scream about the Muslims rioting over an Image of the Prophet would turn right around, and make the absurd claim that the same people objecting to the images of Muhammad would somehow put aside that aversion in favor of a Talking Teddy Bear.

Guess the teaching of Logic never reached their primitive school system.

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