Yuppie Feminist Brigade comes to life on behalf of US Imperialism in Afghanistan

hollywoodIt’s impossible to make this yuppie humanitarian interventionist lunacy up on our own, and since we at Not My Tribe have talked so much about Greg Mortenson and his Three Cups of Tea, why not take a quick look at Jay Leno’s wife’s new “cause celebre.” See: Jay and Mavis Leno turn serious about the plight of Afghan women.

Move over Darfur. Move over Tibet. There’s a new ‘In’ thing for yuppie America to focus its tears on. And the new team has on board CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, former National Organization for Women President Eleanor Smeal, knuckle chinned Jay Leno and wife, and wait!!! …where’s Madelyn Albright? It must just be a matter of time before she and the President’s wife come into the act, too! Whooppee! The Imperial Yuppie Feminist Brigade is now coming to life to save women in Afghanistan! Move over Greg Mortenson!

Humanitarian interventionism tied now to terrorist extermination by Pentagon drone! Isn’t this all so sweet? I know that the Muslim women of occupied Afghanistan must just be so happy about this ‘aid’.

Bombs away! Bombs away with NOW, Ms. Magazine, and the ‘Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission’ propaganda drops on dumb-founded America, too! Hollywood America appeals to Shopping Mall America to CARE!

4 thoughts on “Yuppie Feminist Brigade comes to life on behalf of US Imperialism in Afghanistan

  1. Actually, Mavis Leno has devoted herself to the plight of Afghan women living under Taliban repression since the mid-1990s, before most of us had ever heard of the Taliban. She’s not a newcomer to political activism. She works under the banner of the Feminist Majority Foundation (http://feminist.org/afghan/).

  2. Marie- While your point does add depth the issue, might it be regarded as trying to undercut the argument? It might.

    The easy response is that the US has always been trying to wrestle Afghanistan from whoever is dominating it, be they Russian or Taliban.

  3. Well, Marie, doesn’t agree with my argument and that’s quite alright But, Marie, you may be surprised but I started to pay attention to Afghanistan affairs way back in the late ’70s. If Mrs. Repub-hugging Leno took up the issue in the mid ’90s, the US State Department, Pentagon, and Osama bin Laden were way ahead of her, and their ‘concerns’ started back in the mid ’70s or even before.

    Have you ever asked yourself with 7 ‘stans’ on the map, why all this Hollywood-style attention to the plight of women in only 2 of them, Pakistan and Afghanistan? You could start a group, the ‘Feminist Majority US Imperialist Foundation’, to save the women of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan perhaps? See how far it will fly?

    The US State Department, Pentagon, and Hollywood will not help you out much on it though. I wonder why? Don’t they want to help poor oppressed Third World Muslim ‘women’ out? Beverly Hills bleeds, too, for them. … but only where the US troops are at work, and that means Pakistan and Afghanistan ONLY (at this time).

  4. ‘The two Lenos might speak with different voices, but it’s the same message. ‘

    This said in an excerpt from Hollywood Today’s article correctly headlined back in 2001 as …

    ‘Jay and Mavis Leno stay active in war effort’ at


    Does Mavis Leno actually think that this now becoming soon, a decade long occupation of Afghanistan’s country with US troops, has actually helped or will help Afghan women? I rather think that she simply just doesn’t much care about these women one way or the other, Marie. They are merely cannon fodder for her career and Jay’s as they hobnob together with the rich rats that run our country.. In short, that she uses her donated money as nothing more than a humanitarian camouflage for the Right Wing babble of her husband, Jay. And it probably helps them out at tax time, too.

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