Obama drops all pretense of being Mr. Peace, Mr. Health, or Mr. For The People

Obama on a Bush rug
Barack Obama, the new American Emperor, stands now naked before his previously admiring fan club. His expansion of the Af-Pak War, his retention of US Occupation of Iraq, his gigantesque freebie Fed giveaways to the corporate world all now stand exposed for all to see. Honeymoon now over, and only 2 1/2 months post taking office! Still, the public faith is there that The Empire’s economy will right itself in the troubled waters. Faith dies hard.

However as Chris Floyd puts it in his essay, Beyond Here Lies Nothing: Surging Further Into the Abyss, the domestic side of their efforts is even more radical, more shocking than Obama’s dull-witted “continuity” in Terror War. The new administration is openly transferring trillions of dollars to a small core of financial elites, in effect placing the rest of the country into a state of economic peonage to these remote and unaccountable overlords — who have, astonishingly, used the fear and suffering created by their own actions as an opportunity to take their domination of society to even greater heights. What Obama and his economic team are abetting is, as Simon Johnson and others have noted, nothing less than an oligarchic coup d’etat.

For many Americans, it is now seeming as if the Democratic Party has joined the Republican Party. They believed in CHANGE with capital letters, but have gotten this? It will be eventually seen as an outrage!

They are not going to forgive these lies they were fed, as the world economy continues to nose dive. Sure, there will be temporary rallies (we’re seeing one today, in fact) and there are many deluded around us who think it will take hold and all will return to Fantasy Land once again. Without any work or effort (by themselves)to do things differently. Yet a hard cold rise of rage is just around the corner. The Emperor Obama has now dropped all pretense of being Mr. Peace, Mr. Health, or Mr. For The People, and stands bear naked before us all. The anger builds fire ahead.

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