US and Mexican Drug War Czars declare Martial Law in El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

el-paso-juarez.jpg …In my book there are only 2 major international metropolitan areas in the Northern part of North America, those being Montreal and El Paso-Ciudad Juarez. I would add San Diego-Tijuana in there too except for the fact that the two cities are 25 miles apart from each other. Of course, most Anglo US citizens have never thought of El Paso-Ciudad Juarez in that manner as they mainly just drive past the area, usually with some sense of dismay.

So what’s going on down south these days a short drive right past Albuquerque from us? Put simply, basically the area has been turned into a war zone because of US drug policy and now Martial law is being implemented for the most part. See the Reuters report- Mexico to send more troops to besieged city

Yes, 1.6 million of the metro area’s population will be put under Marshall Law, but don’t think that none of people in El Paso north of the Rio Bravo is affected by this militarization, for they are. Crossing The Border now resembles walking into Northern Ireland, and all because the US government will never admit to losing its wars, no matter that they have.

Here is a slide show that gives people some small idea of the area being militarized. Audio slideshow: Mexico drug violence …Except for the fact that quite a lot of Ciudad Juarez looks not all that much different than the US does. Deserty, that’s all. And poorer. And scary. KInd of like the Bronx perhaps?

Drug cartel roundup in U.S. nets 750 in just another stupid war for the US government-military-industrial-prison complex welfare program for ‘security’ meat heads and those that profit off them.

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6 Responses to US and Mexican Drug War Czars declare Martial Law in El Paso-Ciudad Juarez metro area

  1. Avatar Charlie O'Marley says:

    Hey Bub,

    The word is “martial” not “marshall.”

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    And aside from that?

    I grew up in El Paso.

    I’m sure the EPPD and their Coward Cousins in the Sheriffs Department will enjoy having the Army assist them in making people bow before their Imperial Might.

    Yeah… They ARE like that.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Thanks, Charlie. I mussed to have been thinking of Wyatt Urp that day when I thought of the Marshall// I dun changed the spelling now.

  4. Avatar jonah says:

    There is a town Marshall in El Paso, but all they do is issue summons, do Mental Health commitments and serve evictions.

    I’ve not been back there in ten years. I watched the steady onslaught of Land Speculators “developers” yeah right.

    Then whenever I went back they were at it again. More land that’s downright dangerous to alter has new buildings or acres of parking lots on it.

    With Mexico now bought and paid for, thoroughly, I’ll hazard the guess that now all the farmland near Juarez has been concreted over.

    It’s not like there’s a huge amount of irrigation sources that would be able to support agriculture in Northern Mexico and especially Chihuahua.

    So what do they do? Build Factories to export cheap crap to WalMart.

    There’s another story there about the Squatters, Paracaidistas, in their colonias.

    Even PRI was somewhat less than tolerant of them, except at election time.

    Now that PAN has the presidency and, more importantly, given foreign corporations the “right” to own Mexican Land, we’ll be seeing soon such things as forced labor camps, backed of course by the U.S. Military.

    And they wonder why Chavez doesn’t want to give them Venezuela to do with as they damn well please on top of that.

  5. Avatar soothsayer says:


  6. Martial Law has been the normal way of things for those who the “Republic” conquered for the benefit of the Richest Citizens of the “Republic”.

    The Republic fell when they first decided to make it an Empire with a pillage economy.

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