US directed walkout of conference threatens Iran with extension of regional US planned war

The truth hurts and the US and its allies don’t like it when it is spoken. Because of that reality, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had his honest speech at the UN anti-racism conference being held in Switzerland interrupted by a hateful US government whose main message is more war soon against even more of the uppity Middle East ‘darkies’. Racism talks expose deep divisions

The justification for the walkout led by the US government was supposedly that the speech by Ahmadinejad was intolerable and racist itself. Almost all those who walked out though, were White Europeans and White English speaking government neo-colonialist representatives from around the globe! Poor Whitey! How they struggle against racism in the world today. NOT, and never did either.

Since the speech was the supposed cause of their supposed indignation, I looked across the web to find a full English language transcript of it published, with the certain knowledge that if it truly was offensive, that both Israel and the US would have rushed out this transcript with great haste? But I couldn’t find one! Go figure then? Why not?

At this time, one must simply wait until more of the truth trickles out for us that await it, as this full transcript will eventually be released in English. What is for sure until then, is that the simple fact of this US led boycott and walkout of this UN anti-racist conference signaled to the entire world, that the US government with its new warmonger CIC Barack Obama at the helm, is jumping for an opportunity to committing yet more bloodshed against others and yet more war against the ‘darkies’ out there. And all to supposedly keep safe and protect White America and its honorary mainly European friends, those that provide the background for supporting White America’s running of the planet these days!

See CNN video of walkout

7 thoughts on “US directed walkout of conference threatens Iran with extension of regional US planned war

  1. Probably not the wisest move, nor the most sensitive, for the president of Iran to speak at a conference on racism given Iran’s long-standing alliance with the president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, recently indicted by the Int’l Criminal Court for “war crimes and crimes against humanity” for Sudan’s genocide of Africans in Darfur. In fact, Iran recently sent a delegation to Sudan in a show of support for al-Bashir. The Iranian parliament speaker said Iran would stand by al-Bashir and called on Muslim states to “show determination in supporting the Sudanese government and nation”. Evidence also exists of slavery in Sudan, all of which makes Mr. Ahmadinejad’s appearance at the conference more than a little hypocritical.

  2. Pushing war against Sudan is the Israeli’s new talking point. Also, they are currently pushing war talk against Eritrea, too, for not being lined up properly with Ethiopia and the US and Israel in destroying Somalia.

    What it ends up with, is Israel is pushing itself off on all others in the region, from Lebanon to Gaza to Sudan to Syria to Somalia to Iran. The only safe places from this assault at this time are those US Arab stooge states of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia!

    Meanwhile, the Jewish people living in Iran are still doing quite all right even as the US and Israel are moving gung ho on fomenting ethnic strife within Iran. See the January report by the UK’s Telegraph.. ‘US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran’ at

  3. I think it was completely inappropriate for Ahmadenejad to be giving this speech. All the UN has is its reputation, and this reputation has been severely damaged with this spectacle. Maybe it is a lot of fun to see israel be whipped by A., but too many people depend for their survival on the UN, too many are affected by racism (not in the least those in Iran) to let this clown do his one and only trick and jeoapardize the whole conference. A. is guilty of the same crimes as Israel and the UN. By not participating, or by giving such an inflammatory speech (we are lucky they made him take out the holocaust denial) they completely disregard the needs of the people this conference was made for.
    I completely disagree with Israel’s actions. But that doesn’t make me a fan of Ahmadinejad. He actually did an enormous disservice to the palestinian cause. Israeli hard liners couldn’t have wished for a better display and a better reason to aggravate the conflict. I am starting to think A. is zionist’s biggest supporter.

  4. ‘Sandra’, we have never heard from you before but you send us a link to a ‘blog’ that has no apparent beginning other than this one speech by Iran’s President and call him a fool, but give no reason or part of his speech that in anyway says why? Further, the article on this fake ‘blog’ is unsigned! Pretty dishonest stuff and we on Not my Tribe know exactly where this sort of style and material is outsourced from by now.

    This is a typical device of the Israeli Military Propaganda Spam Machine where they falsely pretend to be some indignant ‘woman’ that supposedly doesn’t agree with Israel but blah, blah, blah… But who the Hell are you really since we can’t tell from the link you gave? You are just a made-up cybermouth without anything other than just a pretend cyber personality. Get lost and take ‘Dan’ with you, since both of you are more than likely the same entity.

    Please do not send us any more phoney blog links like this that consist of nothing more than unidentified name calling. We might mention that your IP address shows that your spam came from The Bronx NYC, same city as ‘Dan’ spams us from.

  5. What’s wrong, ‘Dan’? My comment about your dietary deficiency hit close to home?

  6. what the hell are you talking about? That link is to my own blog about the above mentioned speech and why I think it is such a disaster. Maybe you have to look further than the pictures. I don’t know how anybody in his right mind could possibly interpret anything I write as coming from ‘the israeli propanda machine’. I have no idea who Dan is or what the bronx has to do with anything and frankly I don’t appreciate your baseless insinuations. I would’t think of treating anybody that does the effort to read my blog in such a nasty way.
    Good luck with that attitude.
    And by the way I still think A. is a fool of a leader. I don’t know what else to call a man that can barely contain his antisemitism and makes a cause that he is supposed to support even worse through some vicious speech. I frankly wouldn’t know who is worse, lieberman or A.

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