Will ”closing down Guantanamo’ be like ‘pulling British troops out of Iraq’?

Gordon Brown came to power in the United Kingdom in June 2007 and became known for announcing that Britain would be pulling its troops out of Iraq. Many think that the British have actually done so, but the troops are still there. (British) Troops ‘in need of longer breaks’ is this weeks news about those British troops in Iraq. The question now is whether Barack Obama’s announcement that the US …will be… closing down Guantanamo is of the same nature as the announcement that British troops were leaving Iraq?

One other thing to note about the British troops in Iraq, is that the British are planning to follow Barack Obama’s planned surge of troops to Afghanistan. When these troops arrive, they will torture more POWs ala Guantanamo style and worse, bomb more civilian areas, and destroy any possible future stability for Afghanistan yet even more. The British and American liberal governments are liberal governments only in corporate media constructed image only, and will continues to terrorize the world, Afghanistan and Iraq included. Guantanamo is seen as a major blemish in maintaining a good image for Britain and the US in the world, but the governments continue to want to take the same foreign policies of their predatory predecessors. We are getting yet more of the con game as both countries continue to push for more world wide war.

Most likely is that Barack Obama will move to make US use of torture more clandestine and retreat from the public embracing of it, all for having a better image for the government more than for any other reason. Most of the world will hardly be that fooled by this ‘change’. Sorry to say, that most liberal voting DP types will be conned though.

Barack will put blatant torture use into the closet so that later on a new Republican Administration may better pull it back out to publicly embrace once again. Is this really ‘change’ that you can want, happily endorse, and celebrate? Do you want troop withdrawals that are not really troop withdrawals? Will you be satisfied with just a new return to the old form of Clintonite political doublespeak like Gordon Brown and Barack Obama now are engaging in? Time will tell?

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