Barack Obama hugs the Republican Right instead of trying to erase it

GOP certified designMost rank and file Democratic Party voters loathe the Republican Right Wing of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’really? and want to destroy the dominance of this ideology within American politics over the last 3 decades. When they hear the word CHANGE, that’s what they want it to mean.

But what does it mean when Barack Obama verbally hugs people like Pastor Warren, John McCain, and brings into his own Administration the most tepid political types possible? It means that Barack Obama is not one with this desire of the rank and file Democrat voter to destroy the Political Right’s influence in American politics for good.

The Democratic Party makes public policy in alliance with the US Political Republican Right, and that is what they will continue to do since that is what their corporate funders and backers want them to do. The Democratic Party voters do not control the Democratic Party politicians, but rather the Democratic Party politicians control the DP voters. And both are controlled by the Democratic Party funders. That is just how politics works, so get out of the bad habit of being one of those Democratic Party voters.

And most of all, do something other than just only voting. Without your activities outside of the electoral con games being played, no elimination of the Republican Right will ever occur in this country. You do want them gone for good, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama hugs the Republican Right instead of trying to erase it

  1. Sadly I suspect Obama is just a darker version of Bill Clinton, who campaigned from the left, but governed quite right of center.

    Fool me once…

  2. Thomas, I am glad you learned from your mistake of voting for Bill Clinton, since most did not.

    Clinton himself was just a sad repeat of Jimmy Carter, who set the stage for 8 years of Reaganism. And here we are today…

    Who is Obama setting the stage for I wonder?

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